pro Asian media - John Liu's lecture on sustainability - reclaimation of eroded land.

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    Joihn Liu is an Asian you don’t see everyday, but is within our reach. Pay attention to his speaking skills. Calm, easy going, and personable. Be more like John instead of

    Back to the lecture. The tldr is that ecosystems have a highly regenerative ability…up to a point. Foliage like grass, shrubs, and trees serve three important purposes:
    ● prevent soil erosion caused by rain/water sweeping away the fertile top soil
    ● soak and hold in water to mitigate floods AND retain moisture to mitigate the effects of droughts
    ● provide shelter for life eg animals, insects, especially those that help pollinate like bees.

    Take away these under-appreciated miracle workers and floods, famines, and eventually, death, ensue.

    Here are three key time stamps:

    Before and afters in China - around 30 seconds

    We can rehabilitate large scale ecosystems - a few seconds

    The root cause of this destruction: Western-styled capitalism - 1-2 min

    The knowledge here has been known for decades, but nations have ignored them. One of the reasons why China was able to adopt these solutions is state capitalism eg capitalism inside the state’s cage. The state needs to be enlightened to a degree, of course, but it’s food for thought for those who champion free market capitalism.

    What is money? He ends to asking what is precious? 1-2 min.

    What are some cool Asians you’ve seen. Let’s see some people waling off the beaten path.

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