pro Asian media -- World’s Fastest Supercomputer Now Has Chinese Chip Technology

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    Picture of the Sunway TaihuLight System

    China has built and deployed a 93 petaflops LINPACK (125 petaflops peak) Chinese-made supercomputer at its Wuxi Supercomputer Center, near Shanghai.

    Originally, Tianhe-2 was on deck to be China’s first 100-petaflopper based on a planned infusion of Intel Xeon Knights Landing CPUs. There was chatter that China could even be standing up two 100-petafloppers in time for the ISC TOP500 list publication, but the US embargo regulations restricting the sale of US processor technology into China pushed back the timeline. It was this trade restriction that spurred China to refocus efforts on its native chip technology.

    The computational heart of Sunway TaihuLight is the SW26010 processor, which was designed by the Shanghai High Performance IC Design Center.

    In his report on the system, Dongarra acknowledged the magnitude of the accomplishment, pointing out the significance of the 93 petaflops LINPACK reaching 74 percent of peak and achieving a 6 gigaflops-per-watt. “The Sunway TaihuLight is twice as fast and three times as efficient as the system it displaces in the number one spot,” he wrote. “The fact that there are sizeable applications and Gordon Bell contender applications running on the system is impressive and shows that the system is capable of running real applications and not just a stunt machine.

    China Debuts 93-Petaflops ‘Sunway’ with Homegrown Processors:

    World’s Fastest Supercomputer Now Has Chinese Chip Technology

    Previous leading machines depended on US-designed chips

    “It’s not based on an existing architecture. They built it themselves,” said Jack Dongarra, a professor at the University of Tennessee and creator of the measurement method used by TOP500.

    "This is the first time that the Chinese have more systems than the U.S., so that, I think, is a striking accomplishment," said Dongarra. The Chinese had no machines in the 2001 list, he noted. In the latest, China has 167 entries compared with 165 for the U.S.

    World’s Fastest Supercomputer Now Has Chinese Chip Technology - Bloomberg:

    This is incredibly funny because USA embargoed Intel chips to stall Chinese super computing development. China simply created their own. It’s quite the F U.

    I am extremely proud of China’s scientists for making this happen. I hope China recruits any scientists that Intel had to layoff.

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