pro Asian media -- Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist, blends into environments as....the "invisible man"

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    Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist, blends into environments as…the “invisible man” by being painted on. Interesting stealth technology.



    There’s more to the album below

    Any Asians artists who inspired or wowed you lately? Share with us!

  • Young Mongolian choreographer amazes audience with self-made animations:

  • Another Chinese artist that I love; Xiao Bai. She mainly draws Asians (men and women), combining traditional themes with contemporary twists. Examples of her works:







    And she’s into a bit of photography. This one features herself:


  • @secondstrike The light choreography was quite mesmerizing! I couldn’t stop staring, lol.

    The tutting thing is cool! I didn’t even know that was a thing…

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    @natalie_ng Oh! That’s art for sure. Here’s a choreographed (mostly?) Japanese dance crew that did it with synchronized lights.

    My favorite technical style is tutting.

  • Beautiful work–he has skills!

    I know some Asian American artists who impressed me with their talents recently. The only thing is, they may not be “artists” in the conventional definition of the term, but their work is so amazing, I consider it to be art. They’re called the Kinjaz, you might have heard of them.

    They have more on their instagram account:

    You can also read more about them here:

    Ben and Mike’s [the Kinjaz key members] crews would go head to head for numerous rounds with the Jabbawockeez ultimately taking the first America’s Best Dance Crew champion title. KABA Modern would come in 3rd place. Season 1 of ABDC was a truly groundbreaking moment not only for the dance scene, but also for the Asian American community. The series showcased that Asians can not only have jaw-dropping technical skills, but also, to some, surprisingly audacious and comical personalities that drew in fans week after week. This gave many Asian Americans youth across the country a tremendous sense of pride in a younger, more swaggerific representation of themselves on such a popular national platform. Because of the success of the show, everyone’s lives would never be the same.

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