Taking over the West, how would we Asians do it?

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    For centuries Asians had to endure a lifetime of discrimination and social degeneration. Despite this, we are currently the biggest economic force by proportion in America (Asian males make 1.14 dollars to every white mans dollar). If we were to take over the West, how would we do it? I’d figure if we united as one and overtook the economy (through establishing our own businesses which can force white business into recession) we could buy out or enact new politicians and then establish our own regime dedicated to us. If we somehow dominate the system to our favor, we can really create a better nation. I know this sounds ridiculous (I am aware of that) but this is just an idea.


  • @secondstrike LOL!!! Well, some Asians. I’ve met a few Asian employees at restaurants who treat me better than their white customers simply because I’m Asian xD

    Not so surprisingly, I find the favorable treatment from other Asians to be more common in places where there are not so many Asians. In Asian enclaves like California though, they don’t do that as much.

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    @natalie_ng That’s totally true. They have a big advantage thanks to that, but Jews still stick together so well. Many Asians it seems can’t wait to push each other off a cliff for one of these…


  • @secondstrike That’s true but Jews are white so they blend in very easily with mainstream America. I used to know a Jewish girl who had a very Anglo-sounding last name (Robbins) and when I asked her about it, she said her grandfather changed their original surname to a more Anglo surname so that they won’t be discriminated against. I think passing themselves off as regular white americans helped them a lot with their success.

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    It would help, but Jews have a much lower population in America and they succeeded far more than us. I believe the key is raising Asian consciousness and getting us to see that we’re all on the same team whether we want to admit it or not.

  • Just throwing this out there but maybe support more immigration from Asia? I know in places where Asian businesses tend to flourish usually have A LOT of Asian customers. Plus, the more Asians/Asian Americans there are around, the less likely the current population of Asian Americans feel the need to abandon their culture to assimilate with whites/other minorities.

  • @butterwithbutter there are animals in the wild that are as individualistic as man, but only unite in the face of a common threat and when they do, they present a unified front. Do Asian-Americans know we have a common threat? That is square one. I would draw upon one powerful example from the past - Japanese Internment- and a powerful narrative of today- and build the cohesion that’s needed. From there anything is possible. We can wield enormous power without controlling the economy; but with selective investments & a volunteer network focusing on pressure techniques that bring consequences to the individual in question. Combined with more standard apparatus - such as PACs,business networks, effective advocacy organizations, this will prove potent. Finally, all power is wielded behind the scenes; a private network of Asians, in league together, growing in scope and layers – appearing to work for Corporation X or Agency Y but privately having loyalty to one another - will be a key mechanism – and we’ll know we’ve gotten far along the path when we have something like this in place.

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    Agreed, generally it seems that we are more isolationist than any other race. I see it everywhere; especially Koreans who are incredibly cliquey. They’ve become so comfortable with whatever they have that they don’t feel the need to fight for anything.

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    @butterwithbutter Before any of that can be done, Asians need to be on the same page by abiding by at least two core rules.

    ● Inflict consequences on aggressors. It doesn’t imply violence. It simply means no one should feel safe to walk over us. We must have a spine.

    ● Tribalism. We need Asians who are for other Asians. We don’t try to harm other non-Asians but Asian goals come first.

    There’s an absence of such mindsets in the general Asian population living in Western nations.

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