Hypocrisy : The original western value

  • Declonizing Knoweldge

  • This is true across status differentials. So long as our brand wanes and theirs is elevated, it will continue. You see this when founders pitch investors. If you’re a black woman, and you’re pitching them- she has to have tons of precedent and evidence to justify her vision of the future, to justify her business planning decisions - which are, by definition, breaking new ground if we’re talking about a startup. The sea of white male investors wont’ just take her word for it. You can see the struggle; founders must define new worlds often with no precedent. You have to lose sight of the shore to discover new lands. But the way we assess people in society is by ‘status’ and women and minorities have the least. A white male can get in front of the group and say like they did in the first boom- we don’t need a business model; we’ll build it and then we’ll see. Can you imagine an Asian woman or blakc woman or even an Asian male getting away with that? This is a racial thing; but it’s broader than that. It’s a status thing. Obviously, the two intersect - but whenever you see that status differential - different rules apply. Different meaning and assumptions ascribed to what people say.

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