China wins space race to launch world's first 'quantum communication' satellite in fight against hackers

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    It’s good to see the resurgence of Asian creativity. Contrary to popular Western belief, Asians were quite innovative for the majority of human history [] and they still are - just take a look at Western research facilities at universities and high tech industries. They’re loaded with Asians. In fact, the project lead, Pan Jianwei, was disillusioned by the anti-Asian glass ceiling in America and was lured back to China and given the prestige and funding he deserved. It’s something to think about if you’re a scientist working for the West.


    Getty A Long March-3B carrier rocket carrying China’s Chang’e-3 lunar probe takes off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center

    China wants to become a major player in space exploration

    China will win the space race to launch the world’s first quantum communication satellite when its rocket takes off into orbit in July.
    It will assist in the sending of data securely - and be a huge benefit in the fight against hackers - but cause widespread concern that the secretive communist state is pioneering its use.
    The technology the satellite encases is complex - but essentially it will allow for data that can’t be copied or spied on between the space on the earth.
    A leading expert in the field - Pan Jianwei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - revealed news of the rocket launch at a seminar held in Shanghai.
    Jianwei claims it will prove China leads the world in quantum communication.

    China wins space race to launch world’s first ‘quantum communication’ satellite in fight against hackers - Mirror Online:

    Any tech junkies here? What do you think about this event? How will it change the future of war (cyber, conventional, etc)?

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