The Rise of China....

  • Europe has held sway for the last 100 years - owing to colonialism.

    No one alive has seen a non-white country be ascendant. The Brits conquered India as early as 1757 ( That’s a long, long time.

    White worship didn’t happen by accident. We were born into a world where whites have dominated the planet for long as any human being can remember. Most people do not view reality through the prism of abstract history- though perhaps they should- they judge it by what they see and experience. By that standard, in their mind, whites were, are, and will always be ascendant. This is what cements white worship. The sense of permanency.

    It’s our good fortune to be born in a period where all this will change. The rate of China’s development as a country and economic growth is historic- and has never been seen before. China today is more than half the GDP of the US and is growing in absolute terms, faster than the US. Predictions differ on when China will overtake the US but it will likely happen in our lifetime.

    When it happens, this will be the first time in anyone in our era has seen a non-white country be larger and stronger than the strongest white country. There are all kinds of caveats (ie: the Western world of whites will still be larger than China; insofar as international orgs like NATO still are in effect). But it won’t be argued that whites are alone in their dominance. This will benefit all minorities and will strike a blow against the White brand. It will be a more significant moment for minorities than even Obama being elected.

    It’s interesting going to places like New Zealand and see a minority be thought of as the more wealthy group. Even if that’s true in the US, for whatever reason, that reality hasn’t been fully internalized by American society. In New Zealand, everyone is aware that the Chinese are wealthy there. Perhaps because half of Chinese immigration to NZ happens through a quid-pro-quo where Chinese immigrants agree to invest $1.5-$10M to get NZ citizenship. If you go through Auckland, it is stunning just how many Chinese (and Indians) live there. NZ suffers a people shortage because it has more sheep than people and not many job opportunities; people are leaving mainly for Australia for professional opportunities. NZ needs people and it’s getting them from Asia. But they are not coming at the bottom of the chain- at least for those from China.

    India suffers from the paralysis that goes along with being a democracy. Evidenced by Modi, despite all the good he could bring to the country, has been stymied by a country with two houses of Congress- upper house is something called the Rajya Sabha ( which absolutely kills change and progress (and is not elected by the people). Modi cannot get anything through this house. So nothing changes. Indian government does not have the authority to police the culture and the trajectory of Bollywood is just disgusting- as they are adopting Western cultural values of disrespecting elders, pitting children against stodgy parents, pitting men against women, feminism, over-sexuality, etc. In actual growth, not % growth, India is not growing faster than the US. India is 8x smaller than the US and it’s growth is only 4x larger than the US. While India may grow, unless the US endures protracted recessions and/or India reforms it’s government, it’s doubtful India can contend with Western power. I am very very hopeful that Pakistan saber-rattles with India; Modi declares Emergency and takes over all authority in India. That is the only way India will finally remove govt. obstacles to progress.

    (My view: Democracy seems spectacularly over-rated - the notion of the commoner deciding anything is preposterous given the foolish decisions he makes in his own life, let alone issues of such magnitude, he has no comprehension how to address, so he falls back on ignorance and animal instinct and then wonders why things are in such shambles.)

    The emergence of China is already changing how people see whites. It is hard to maintain the perception of supremacy when there is a nation-state that can resist your will.

  • @secondstrike it’s a convenient argument to credit the industrial revolution. Most countries are barely above sustenance levels in an agricultural society- which does not allow time and money to be invested in innovation. One may wonder where the surplus capital came to allow for this investment. England controlled something like 300M people during the 1800s - perhaps 1/5th of the world population at the time. Spectacular ROI of colonization can allow countries to invest in inventions, railroads, etc.

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    <p>Are there debates on whether to switch to a new form of governance in India?</p><hr /><p>This piece lies through omission and paints whites as geniuses who “saved” us all.</p><p>There’s no mention of Western imperialism which destroyed entire civilizations and those that survived endured crippling poverty, famines, slavery, and a list of unimaginable atrocities by these white “saviors”.</p><p>This is one of the many ways you learn to worship whites.</p><p style=“margin-left: 20px;”> So, one way to read the graph, very broadly speaking, is that everything to the left of 1800 is an approximation of population distribution around the world and everything to the right of 1800 is a demonstration of productivity divergences around the world – the mastering of means of manufacturing, production and supply chains by steam, electricity, and ultimately software that concentrated, first in the West, and then spread to Japan, Russia, China, India, Brazil, and beyond.</p>

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