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    “A picture is a worth a thousand words.”

    I figured it would help us get a quick snapshot of just how unfairly we are portrayed so you can all stop rationalizing away the injustice against Asians as “statistical flukes” and “bad apples”.

    Furthermore, you can see how the west uses mass propaganda AKA soft power to look like the good guys while getting away with murder.

    note: I used China as the example since it’s the biggest target and regardless of your Asian background, they basically think you’re Chinese (unless you’re South Asian).

    collection - China vs western image collages: 8 images

    This is what China is doing…you rarely hear of this in a positive manner.




    These are our Asian male celebrities in Asia




    Here is how China is smeared in the Western media.
    Keep in mind many of these things are fabricated and when they do happen, they are exaggerated and/or taken out of context.



    Here’s how Asian men (sexless eunuch) and Asian women (disposable sex objects who are paired with non-Asian men - almost all white) are portrayed in Western media.



    Here is America’s actual history that they like to hide from you. Many other Europeans aren’t much better.



    Here is what they show you instead to whitewash their crimes and look like heroes fighting for “freedom and justice”



    Here’s how Whites portray themselves in general, just good guys.




    You can see from these examples that so-called Western soft power is merely sophisticated propaganda produced and spread at a global scale. Their entertainment value is very high so most of the lies escape notice.

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