Consequences - The building block of Asian power

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    It’s the key thing that our community lacks. It’s the one ingredient that every successful group has an abundance of.

    With consequences:

    • Jews have the anti-defamation league. No one dares badmouth Jews in public.
    • Blacks and Latinos will fight you. No one dares to push them around (unless they’re “police officers” or in groups)
    • Blacks had the Million Man March so white conscience couldn’t hide from their mistreatment of Blacks as easily.
    • Asian male / white female media get reduced through complaints from “post-racial white gentlemen”
    • Many East Asian kids excel at school because of pressure and consequences of failure at home.
    • No one dares wage Opium War 2.0 on China because it’s armed to the teeth with and the world relies on it for economic stability.

    Without consequences:

    • War criminal presidents keep waging illegal wars because no one can stop them.
    • Israel can squat in Palestine while ethnically cleansing the locals because its supported by America.
    • Opium wars and unequal treaties occurred in China because their military was inferior and people divided.
    • Monsanto can keep pushing its gmo poison against people’s wishes because it has bought congress and wages expensive lawfare.

    Current Asian activism is not only without consequences. It’s far worse.

    • It praises people who disrespect us.
    • It rewards treasonous liars who spread filth about Asian men and Asian culture.
    • This smearing / propaganda campaign is funded and protected by white supremacy

    That is why Asians have made only marginal social progress over so many decades while killing it in education.

    Make racists understand that there are consequences for their disrespect.

    Good summary here.


    disclaimer: I mean success in getting heard and getting things changed. Obviously, Blacks still have lots of problems, but they have progressed from bojangling clowns to the occasional leading man. Meanwhile we have Fu Manchu 2.0 and Charlie Chan reincarnated into Jackass Chan.

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    At some point, we need to get real about consequences. I mean actually do it. We’ve had several opportunities to do things like go at David Bond’s ISP and get him banned - and we didn’t. We’ve had opportunities to flood media offenders with emails and we haven’t. One big win is what we need to convince Asians en masse this is possible. There are more radical methods which we should talk about privately.

    I completely agree with OP. We should pick ONE target and method and go to work and succeed. Only one. Discuss options, pick one and go to work. Look the reality is we have to shame even our own for being slacktivists if when this target is selected, they do nothing. I would strongly recommend we don’t cast a wide net. Find one method that works and then rinse, repeat.

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