@secondstrike Okay, that makes a lot more sense then, if it’s mostly in regards to employment. To be fair, both white men and women get the most employment privileges. It’s always been that way. It’s actually pretty common to see a white person (male or female) easily snatch a supervisor position even without any college degrees while overseeing minorities WITH degrees.

@suiko_no_shin & @secondstrike I dislike feminism too, but for slightly different reasons than what Suiko stated. I agree with Second that modern feminism is utterly crazy. A lot of it stems from pure pettiness/silliness (complaining about not being able to grow out armpit hair, considering health concerns as “body shaming”, complaining about a man saying “good morning” as “harassment”, etc…). It’s just ridiculous. I would respect modern feminism way more if it addressed and confronted issues with women being stoned to death as punishment for something trivial in the middle east, female genital mutilation in Africa, and bride burnings rather than complaining about what I would consider first world problems. But as it stands, I can’t take modern feminism seriously.