AMAF in the west Degrees with high demand careers non-conformity to western concepts of masculinity met someone who didn’t hate who he was because of his race and had each other for support

To realize your full potential, you still need someone who believes in you and supports you all the way, even if the entire population of the world doesn’t. That’s what the displaced AM in the US do not have. People wonder why there are so many AM’s that are unqualified for dating, well, we don’t have a support network.

Personally, my friends (during HS) were not overachievers and they did not know what to do in anything. A decent portion of those guys had SO’s, those SO’s came from separate social circles and stayed w/ them throughout life. They didn’t know anything about dating random strangers. My parents didn’t have any of value to offer me in terms of knowledge nor did they push me to do anything, either in career or dating. So it was like being alone despite being surrounded by people.

Younger people are lucky these days because they have online communities and guides for everything. You can feel like you belong somewhere, anywhere and everywhere. You can learn anything and make it work for you. The important takeaway from the success story is how far people can go when they possess even the most basic things.