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    core and wtam and Asians in media - kw see gendered stereotypes Race, kulture, sexless - Study finds Asian men, black women underrepresented in magazines [2015] [study] [quote] [final]+.pdf


    Study finds Asian men, black women underrepresented in magazines:



    Study finds Asian men, black women underrepresented in magazines

    Led by Professors Joanna Schug and Monika Gosin, the researchers examined photos in six popular, American magazines and found that Asian men and black women were underrepresented, potentially due to stereotypes that associate femininity with Asian people and masculinity with black people.

    we’re showing evidence of gender-based stereotypes on a cultural level and not just a psychological level

    The idea for the study originally came from research that was done on interracial dating and marriage, which found that, statistically, “black women and Asian men are generally not the preferred partner in interracial couples,” said Gosin, assistant professor of sociology. For instance, added Schug, couples with black men and white women are much more common than couples with white men and black women, and marriages

    between Asian women and white men are much more common than those between Asian men and white women. “The effect is even more pronounced for Asian and black couples, which are much more likely to be between an Asian woman and a black man,”

    As Schug considered those findings, she began paying attention to depictions of black women and Asian men in the media

    five issues each of GQ and Vogue (fashion magazines), Men’s Health and Women’s Health (fitness), and Maxim and Cosmopolitan (sexual themes).

    “Overall, we found that when blacks were depicted, they were more likely to be men, and when Asian were depicted, they were more likely to be women, proportionally,”

    Controlling for magazine type, the results were the same, meaning that black women and Asian men were again underrepresented proportionally regardless of the genre of the publication.

    “Some people say that women are portrayed in a sexualized manner for the eyes of men, but that’s not the case,”

    "If anything, the women in the women’s magazines, well there’s a lot more of them and they’re very sexualized. So it’s kind of showing women ideal forms of femininity:

    The same thing happens in the men’s magazines, which show ideal forms of masculinity." “With Asian masculinity not being represented, it kind of gives the message that Asian men are not as masculine as the men who are represented, and similar with black women,”

    In one part of that study, Schug showed that, as in previous studies with black women, people

    were less likely to remember statements made by Asian men. In another study, 326 people (including male, female and black, white and Asian participants) were asked to write a short story about a typical college senior taking a trip. Overall, participants were more likely to create a male character.

    Asked to create a black character, the participants often thought of a man, and, asked to think of an Asian character, they were more likely to think of a woman, compared to people who wrote about a white character. Both of Schug’s studies align with the theories of gendered race and intersectional invisibility

    Intersectional invisibility is the tendency for people who have overlapping marginalized identities to regularly get ignored

    “stereotypes about stereotypes,”

    “You can have a stereotype about race, and that stereotype can actually have a gendered component,”

    “Asian-American scholarship has pointed out that they don’t benefit from male privilege in the same ways as white men because there’s a stereotype that their maleness is not enough, that they are more feminine,” said Gosin.

    The stereotypes regarding Asian men and black women that the researchers found reflected in their study have roots in centuries-old power struggles,

    “In both cases, it was always about maintaining a particular power differential, and to do that, not only is race used but sex, too,” she said. “So the intersectionality aspect has been a way to keep marginalized groups marginalized, to say, ‘Their sexuality is deviant so they could never be where we are. Their men are not as masculine as we are, and their women are hyper- masculine’ – those types of things.” Many of the stereotypes that people hold manifest themselves in the media, said Schug, “and that’s how a lot of people learn stereotypes.”

    “Because it’s so normative to see these images, they aren’t questioned,”

    people in the United States – including those in the media business – are now making an effort to pay more attention to diversity, they are not likely paying attention to intersectionality

    they say, ‘We have a black person. We have an Asian person here. We have the colors represented.’ But they’re not looking at subtle things that matter in terms of these intersections,"






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    core and wtam - you look repulsive - kw wtf, fat, obese, comb over, glasses, total dweeb, looks like a lesbian, Derek Lam Lam Shun-Hin 24 - Core member of Hong Kong pro democracy party Demosisto resigns [2017] [final]+.pdf


    Core member of Hong Kong pro-democracy party Demosisto resigns after finance rules violation | South China Morning Post









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    core and wtam - kw kulture, mind control, brainwashing, more Asian = more ugly - Racial Stereotypes and Interracial Attraction - Phenotypic Prototypicality and Perceived Attractiveness of Asians [data] [study] [final]+.pdf


    Racial Stereotypes and Interracial Attraction - Phenotypic Prototypicality and Perceived Attractiveness of Asians


    we suggest that for Whites, attraction to Asians may be based, in part, on stereotypes and variations in Asians’ racial appearance. Study 1 reveals that Asians are stereotyped as being more feminine and less masculine than other racial groups— characteristics considered appealing for women but not for men to possess

    Higher PP Asian men are perceived as being less masculine and less physically attractive than lower PP Asian men.

    Note: phenotypic prototypicality (PP) = how close one appears to the average appearance of their race.

    Note: It’s this control of images and narratives that creates emasculates/castrates Asian men. The other only legit reason is due to shorter stature/size but much of that is due to western imperialism, which caused massive starvation, death, disease, which has decades long negative epigenetic effects. see links below. Whites will say Asian men are “naturally inferior” because they’re fucking scum.

    Note: Throughout American history, they use racist and sexist stereotypes to control white women, non-white women, and non-white men’s sexuality. White “men” are the biggest lying racist hypocrites in history. Asian (Chinese) men were first feared and portrayed as sex crazed “Yellow Peril” in USA starting the 1850. That largely changed when mass immigration of Asians started in 1965, when they brain drained the East to keep those nations undeveloped. At this point they were stereotyped as the sexless loser/creep/nerd/etc.

    http://www.amazon.com/Killing-Hope-C-I-Interventions-II Updated/dp/1567512526/

    Although the overall number of individuals who marry outside their race has increased, not all groups intermarry to the same degree. Particular patterns are apparent. For example, White men marry Asian women more frequently than White women marry Asian men (Fryer, 2007). We suggest that Whites’ intermarriage with Asians may, in part, reflect racial stereotypes that shape perceptions of attractiveness. In this investigation, we argue that the stereotypes that Asians are feminine and unmasculine are applied more strongly to those whose appearance is more prototypically Asian.

    Interracial attraction is an important context to examine because attractiveness is associated with a variety of societal advantages. Compared with less attractive individuals, attractive people receive more attention, cooperation, and help from their peers

    More attractive individuals are perceived as being more socially capable, they earn higher wages, and they have a higher level of self-esteem than their less attractive counterparts

    Men consider feminine female faces more attractive than more masculine female faces

    women prefer men who possess masculine physical features to those with more feminine features

    Although it is apparent that perceptions of masculinity and femininity affect attractiveness, people’s perceptions of these characteristics may not directly map onto objective physical features; in other words, people may not always see what is actually there. In fact, perceptions of physical facial features are shaped by individuals’ expectations (Eberhardt, Dasgupta, & Banaszynski, 2003). Societal stereotypes may also work as expectations that shape perceptions of physical masculinity and femininity. What stereotypes might affect perceptions of Asians’ physical gendered characteristics?

    Cultural studies literature has suggested that stereotypes of Asians portray both genders as being feminine. According to Fujino (1992) and Williams (1994), Asian women are portrayed in the media as “exotic, subservient, or simply nice” all feminine traits. Asian men, in contrast, are presented as lacking in the physical appearance and social skills needed to attract women. They are seen as insufficiently masculine.

    Although stereotypes exist for all groups, they are not applied uniformly to every member of a group. The degree to which individuals are stereotyped varies as a function of their physical appearance. Those whose appearance is perceived as being more prototypical of their racial group, those high in phenotypic proto- typicality (PP) are stereotyped more than those low in PP

    Asians with darker hair, smaller eyes, and fuller cheeks are considered high in PP and should be more strongly associated with Asian stereotypes than those low in PP. Thus, high-PP Asians should be seen as more feminine than low-PP Asians.

    racial stereotypes are gendered and vary within groups.

    Blackness is associated with maleness; for example, more stereotypically Black physical movement was associated with higher masculinity ratings.

    both PP and masculinity are important predictors of attractiveness for Asian men.

    We sought to examine the role of stereotyping in interracial attraction. We suggested that gendered racial stereotypes portray Asians as being particularly feminine, which is considered attrac- tive for women, but not for men

    Study 1 provided evidence that both male and female Asians are in fact stereotyped as being feminine and unmasculine
    Study 2 examined whether the degree to which Asian targets look like prototypical Asians (PP) affects perceptions of their gendered characteristics and attractiveness.

    among Asian men, higher PP was associated with lower perceived masculinity. More important, higher PP was related to lower perceived attractiveness; the more Asian a man looks, the less attractive he is perceived as being to Whites. This may, in part, explain why the rate of White women marrying Asian men is particularly low.

    we did not find the hypothesized relationship between PP and perceived femininity.

    It may have been more socially appropriate for them to report perceiving that a man lacks masculine characteristics than to imply that he possesses feminine characteristics.

    Another alternative is that perceptions of masculinity are simply stronger indicators of attractiveness for men than are perceptions of femininity.

    none of our hypotheses for Asian women were supported.

    This work is not without limitations, including our use of a convenience sample. We were compelled to use all-White samples in accordance with our interest in interracial perceptions of attrac- tiveness. Additionally, all participants were college students. Thus, we are unable to verify whether results would generalize to other samples.

    provides support for the notion that perceptions of beauty may not be based solely on objective physical characteristics

    by showing that they are also shaped by racial stereotypes. Furthermore, it informs the literature on interracial attraction, potentially helping to explain why Asian men are the least likely to marry outside their race. If Whites find very Asian-looking men less masculine and less attractive, it follows that Asian men would be perceived as less desirable dating partners than other men.






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    warning to Asian men and non-asian actvists are better - Asian-American Men - Hunks of Burning Love or Wimps With Small Wieners [2014] [usa] [agitprop] [final]+.pdf


    Asian-American Men: Hunks of Burning Love or Wimps With Small Wieners?:



    Let’s be honest -

    Asian American men are not consistently celebrated by the mainstream media. I can think of heartthrobs of European and African descent and of
    various other cultures, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Will Smith, Laz Alonzo, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull, but I struggle to think of a single Asian American actor, musician or model who is widely celebrated for his dashing good looks and sex appeal.

    the lack of celebration of Asian American males or why the few representations of Asian American men seem to center around effeminate, wimp and geek stereotypes.

    Not only did he have the normal pressure of finding a girl who appreciated his appearance and personality, but he had to find girls who were open to dating Asian American boys.

    “Time after time after time, Asian girls were saying, ‘I’m not interested in you; I’m only interested in white guys,’” he recalled. He went online to research how Asian American men are perceived and realized that Asian American men are viciously stereotyped as being effeminate. He told me that it all boils down to the myth that Asian men all have small penises. “It’s our kryptonite,” he said, adding that it is the hardest myth to disprove, because he and other Asian American men can’t pull down their underpants for all of the world to see.


    This is completely wrong.

    The stereotypes box us in. Its easier only in the sense that you can stand out IF you do not fit the bad stereotypes.

    Confront the stereotypes

    Create your own identity






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    warning to Asian men and discrimination - love and Asians in media - kw login screen, nerd, dweeb, app, software - What the Actual Fck! Tinder HK [2017] [Hong Kong] [China] [ad] [final]+.pdf


    What the Actual F*ck! Tinder HK! 😐😡



    Hong Kong singles have encountered a short video upon logging into Tinder that subliminally discriminates against Asian men. The video features several men as potential matches and the user swipes right on all of them — except the Asian man.

    This video appears to be region-specific, as users in Los Angeles did not seem to be able to access the video.

    the video seems harmless — after all, it’s not likely that any given person will swipe right on all profiles they come across. But Asian men have an uphill battle in the dating arena: they have the lowest response rates out of any racial group, even when it comes to Asian women.

    For many Asian men, seeing this video was like pouring salt on an open wound, as it represented all their trials and tribulations in dating within a fraction of a second. "Per the US Census, 1 out of 5 Asian American men will never marry,

    "According to a study at MIT, Asian men have to make $247,000 more than a white male in order to get the same response rate. In other words, you have to have a Rolls Royce in order to be considered a potential online mate!

    Tinder just exacerbates that tendency given how much more visually-oriented the women are on Tinder and its use as sexual marketplace for women which plays into the worst of Asian male stereotypes.

    for many Asian men, messages like this video can be daunting, especially considering the onslaught of negativity they encounter in their daily life from women who would dehumanize them for their race/gender combination.

    Comments from readers:

    Bevin Chu
    Don’t these Asian females realize that when they spew racist hatred against Asian males, they are talking about their brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers?

    Don’t these Asian females realize that if they marry some “white knight”, and bear a half Asian son who looks more like them than their husband, that their son will find himself on the receiving end of the same racist hatred that they spewed on Tinder?

    Don’t these Asian females realize that if they are sexually attractive, their physical attractiveness was due to generation after generation of Asian ancestors, half of which were Asian males?

    Daniel Cohen
    They are low-key talking shit to their future sons.

    Asians/Whites don’t make a white baby

    Sab Li
    What’s worse is that even their own Asian fathers (!) tell them to marry white American men. I’ve heard an uncle of mine say the same thing to his daughter, that she should find a nice English lad. I hate western worship.






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    warning to Asian men and discrimination - love - kw gay homosexual edition - White guy surprised by anti Asian racism on Grindr - LGBTQ Nation [2017] [final]+.pdf


    White guy surprised by anti-Asian racism on Grindr / LGBTQ Nation



    White guy surprised by anti-Asian racism on Grindr

    Grindr has a new series called “What the Flip?” where gay and bi men swap profiles and see how others react to them.

    In the first episode, a white, blue-eyed boy trades profiles with an Asian guy. The white guy receives few replies and was even called a “chink” by someone on Grindr, while the Asian guy using a white profile was inundated with offers for hook-ups.

    This swap makes the racism on dating apps pretty stark. It’s not just that some people prefer to date some races over others, it’s that a really large percentage of people prefer to hook up with one race.

    This has been brought up many times before, and gay and bi men often react negatively to talking about this at all.

    white people generally don’t like it when others talk about racism that they participate in.

    When it comes to race, though, it wouldn’t make sense to say that many people – including many non-white people – are born attracted only to white people. And an argument about how some white people are attracted to a specific racial minority – complete with a fantasy full of racist cultural baggage – because of their genetics would be ridiculous.

    “It’s just a preference” is a knee-jerk response intended to shut down discussion, and it’s fundamentally incurious. When such a large percentage of people share a preference, it’s normal to ask where that preference comes from.

    And when it comes to a systemic preference in favor of white people, racism is the most likely culprit.






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    warning to asian men and discrimination - love - Interracial marriage, dating marriage disparity - Who is ‘marrying out’ BY Pew [2015] [usa] [data] [agitprop] [final]+.pdf


    Interracial marriage: Who is ‘marrying out’? | Pew Research Center:



    significant gender gaps within some racial groups.

    Asian women are much more likely than Asian men to marry someone of a different race. Among newlyweds in 2013, 37% of Asian women married someone who was not Asian, while 16% of Asian men married outside of their race.







    有一个很大的不同。 亚洲男性与亚洲女性。



    注:最大的原因是种族主义。 西方社会讨厌亚洲人。 西方社会非常讨厌亚洲男人。




    큰 차이가 있습니다. 아시아 남성 대 아시아 여성.

    2013 년.

    아시아 여성의 37 %는 아시아 인이 아닌 사람과 결혼했습니다.
    아시아계 남성의 16 %는 비 아시아계 여성과 결혼했습니다.

    참고 : 큰 이유는 인종 차별입니다. 서구 사회는 아시아 사람들을 싫어한다. 서구 사회는 아시아 인을 싫어한다.




    大きな違いがあります。 アジアの男性対アジアの女性。



    注:大きな理由は人種差別です。 西洋社会はアジア人を嫌う。 西洋社会はアジア人を多く嫌っている。




    Đó là một sự khác biệt lớn. Người đàn ông châu á so với phụ nữ châu á.

    Trong năm 2013.

    37% phụ nữ châu á kết hôn với một người đàn ông-á.
    16% người châu á người đàn ông kết hôn với bên ngoài một phụ nữ-á.

    Lưu ý: Các lý do lớn là phân biệt chủng tộc. Xã hội phương Tây ghét người châu á. Xã hội phương Tây ghét người châu á người đàn ông rất nhiều.




    Mayroong malaking pagkakaiba. Asian tao kumpara sa Asian kababaihan.

    Sa taong 2013.

    37% ng mga kababaihang Asyano ay may-asawa ng isang di-Asyanong lalaki.
    16% ng mga lalaking Asyano ay kasal sa labas ng isang di-Asian na babae.

    Tandaan: Ang malaking dahilan ay ang rasismo. Ang mga lipunan sa kanluran ay napopoot sa mga taong Asyano. Ang lipunan ng Kanluran ay napopoot sa mga lalaking Asyano ng maraming.




    មានភាពខុសប្លែកគ្នាយ៉ាងធំ។ បុរសអាស៊ីធៀបនឹងស្ត្រីអាស៊ី។

    នៅឆ្នាំ 2013 ។

    37% នៃស្ត្រីអាស៊ីបានរៀបការជាមួយបុរសមិនមែនជាជនជាតិអាស៊ី។
    16% នៃបុរសអាស៊ីបានរៀបការនៅខាងក្រៅស្ត្រីដែលមិនមែនជាជនជាតិអាស៊ី។

    ចំណាំ: មូលហេតុចំបងគឺការរើសអើងជាតិសាសន៍។ សង្គមលោកខាងលិចស្អប់ប្រជាជនអាស៊ី។ សង្គមលោកខាងលិចស្អប់បុរសអាស៊ីជាច្រើន។




    ມີຄວາມແຕກຕ່າງກັນຫຼາຍ. ຜູ້ຊາຍອາຊີທຽບກັບແມ່ຍິງອາຊີ.

    ໃນປີ 2013.

    37% ຂອງແມ່ຍິງອາຊີໄດ້ແຕ່ງງານກັບຊາຍທີ່ບໍ່ແມ່ນອາຊີ.
    16% ຂອງຜູ້ຊາຍອາຊີໄດ້ແຕ່ງງານຢູ່ນອກແມ່ຍິງທີ່ບໍ່ແມ່ນອາຊີ.

    ຫມາຍເຫດ: ເຫດຜົນໃຫຍ່ແມ່ນ racism. ສັງຄົມຕາເວັນຕົກກຽດຊັງປະຊາຊົນອາຊີ. ສັງຄົມຕາເວັນຕົກກຽດຊັງຜູ້ຊາຍອາຊີຫລາຍ.




    มันแตกต่างกันมาก เอเชียผู้ชาย กับ ผู้หญิงเอเชีย

    ในปี 2013

    37 % ของผู้หญิงเอเชียแต่งงานไม่ใช่ชายเอเชีย .

    16% ของเอเชียผู้ชายแต่งงานนอกไม่ใช่ผู้หญิงเอเชีย .

    หมายเหตุ : เหตุผลใหญ่คือ เหยียดผิว สังคมตะวันตกเกลียดคนเอเชีย สังคมตะวันตก เอเชีย คนเกลียดเยอะ



    Translations are available [upon request] for Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Danish, and Norwegian.



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    warning to asian men and Asians in media - Asia Pacific Arts - ‘Gay or Asian’ Spread Causes Minority Uproar [2004] [case study] [agitprop] [magazine] [final]+.pdf


    Asia Pacific Arts: “Gay or Asian?” Spread Causes Minority Uproar:



    The Asian American community was shocked when the April issue of Details Magazine featured a spread titled “Gay or Asian - ” The piece compares the physical features and fashion of an Asian male to outrageous gay and Asian stereotypes that Details claimed to be nothing more than satire.

    Oh, it was supposed to be funny -

    Despite the clever sexual innuendo of phrases such as “Whether you’re into shrimp balls or shaved balls, entering the dragon requires imperial taste,” and “perfect for waxing on and waxing off, plucking a koto, or gripping the Kendo stick,” the humor has yet to be found. While it uses offensive stereotypes, the spread also uses media constructed images of Asian culture, from martial arts movies that commodifies Asians as a kung fu, fish eating, and perhaps ambiguously gay culture. I’m sure Asian Americans also appreciated the implied message that compares their genitals to the size of shrimps.

    Surprisingly, the spread was written by Whitney McNally, an experienced female journalist

    editor who also writes for Marie Claire and USA TODAY in addition to Details Magazine. As part of a reccurring series called “Anthropology” which included similar spreads such as “Gay or Jesus” and “Gay or British,” some suggest that the “Gay or Asian” spread was just another piece poking fun at the inability to categorize people into certain groups. It’s unfortunate to think that someone with that kind of experience and education would even think twice about writing something so offensive.






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    warning to Asian men - you look repulsive and brainwashed - harming Asians - anti soft power - kw see picture, total nerd, dweeb, girly, feminine, gay - China’s Communist rulers play Cupid [2017] [compare contrast] [final]+.pdf


    China’s Communist rulers play Cupid to avert ageing population crisis









    There are no translations for this entry…



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