Cringe that only the Chinese goverment can produce

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    I often wonder if the Chinese deparment[s] that handle their soft power tactics are run by anti-Asian racists. I can’t think of any other reason why their media is so appallingly horrifyingly bad. Every other week China produces a masterclass in how not to do soft power.

    Edit: How bad is it? It’s so bad that 1950’s Chinese communist posters were superior and that stuff was created by starving peasants who had no idea what soft power was.




    There is a silver lining here. When you hit rock bottom, things can’t get any worse. Great work…

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    @natalie_ng Technically, both are not all girly. However, it seems South Koreans have a higher percentage of traditionally masculine men. I can’t recall any chiseled bodied Japanese male stars, but there are a bunch for South Koreans [along with the bowlcutters…]

    Here is a sample of South Korean entertainers.


  • @secondstrike Who is not all girly? Japanese or Korean?

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    @natalie_ng The Japanese experience doesn’t explain girly South Korean men. Though, they’re a more diverse mix. They’re not all girly.

  • @secondstrike It could possibly be a combination of both factors. There’s too much that goes into play here to pinpoint the exact cause. We have to remember that the Japanese also committed suicide and literally fought to the last man hence why Japan was the last country standing among the three (Germany and Italy). It could be that many of the more traditionally masculine and courageous Japanese committed suicide or died in war leaving only the not-so-masculine ones left to survive and start families while it is possible that the germans weren’t as fanatical so many of the “masculine” ones survived. In any case though, I don’t know too much about germans. The only german I know is Bill Kaulitz:


    And yeah, he’s far from what I’d consider masculine lol.

    Then we can have these results as reference. Otherwise, we’ll have these water are wet debates forever.

    We already have references; youtube videos of XFs stating they prefer the clean cut hairstyle on men over bowl cuts but people dismiss it anyways. People only believe what they choose to believe.

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    The explanation fails to explain why German men are mostly traditionally masculine. Some 1,000,000+ German women were raped when Nazi Germany was conquered. A huge chunk of South America have rape blood. Yet, their men don’t become girly like East Asian men. None of the nations that were far more extensively colonized by the West behave that way. I think slate it correct. The castration is caused by media. Japanese media was hijacked by that Japanese American maggot, Johnny Kitagawa. That poisoned Japanese media infected other East Asians.

    There is something on my to do list. I am going to do an experiment. Post pics of the same men with and without kpop style on or something similar. Then we can have these results as reference. Otherwise, we’ll have these water are wet debates forever.

  • @secondstrike Yeah I’ve noticed the huge difference between Japanese men back then and Japanese men now a while ago too. The most common explanation (from Japanese guys I met online who are ACTUALLY embarrassed by the phenomenon) is that many of the masculine, courageous Japanese men died in the war hence the ones left were sons who didn’t have fathers around who can set proper examples for them.

    And yeah the kpop look is just horrendous. But every time you try to point this out to people on reddit, you will get downvoted to oblivion. In all honesty though, I’m more frustrated with the kpop fans who continue to defend this shit than the kpop dudes themselves. If some of these fans actually grew the fuck up and like men for looking like men rather than men who want to emulate skinny, lesbian white girls, than the guys in Asia (kpop and otherwise) will try to style their look to cater to a more widely appealing look–which is men looking like men lol.

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    @natalie_ng Yes to everything. I don’t know if it’s all the result of whites brainwashing us, but certainly, there was a giant clusterfuck in the past few decades. Somewhere along the way, they conflated scrawny girly male dweeb with sexually attractive.

    slate thinks it started with the Japanese American agent, johnny kitagawa


    The guys in this meme aren’t even the worst of them. The new bowlcut + glasses style is even worse. At least these guys look like rock stars or something. The bowlcutters look like otakus / competitive gamers.

  • @secondstrike So you’re basically saying that they’ve been brainwashed by whites so much to images of Ken Jeong embarrassing himself that they see all effeminate portrayals (i.e. kpop) as normal or even looking good?

    Do you think the same applies to AFs too? Because we legit have AFs also who get offended and defensive every time discussion about why orange bowlcuts, leopard print leggings and thick-rimmed glasses are harmful to AM image. In my opinion, the fact that some of these AFs get so defensive about it makes it worse because it helps confirm to the AMs who THINK this look is okay to believe that it truly IS good looking for all women.

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    @natalie_ng They are doomed. I suspect there is no point talking to them. Asian males should be split into two camps after say a 5 minute lecture. Those that agree and commit to change. Those that disagree and commit to auto castration.

    The fact that most of our community absolutely fail to see why shit like this and kpop makes us look bad is the reason why we suck ass at soft power.

    That is the same epiphany I had last night. I will write about this. The gist is I think they are completely oblivious that their current portrayals in Western media are total emasculation. I think they may see it even as flattering. They may have normalized incel / dweeb / girly man “style”. They don’t even realize it’s the equivalent of someone kicking them in the nuts and slapping them across the face 24/7.

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