Black guys play by the same rules as whites

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    Building off of arcterex’s Angling thread on aznidentity, I want to show that Black people should not be treated as anything different than white people. They play by the same exact rules because it’s beneficial to them. We cannot appeal to logic because they cannot understand it. We cannot appeal to empathy because they do not empathize. We cannot appeal to guilt because they do not feel guilty. What this leads to is that we appear weak in airing our grievances even when, to us, it is a sign of strength to be able to speak on our issues and present the truth.

    It is eventual that in our comment histories, aiming at spaces that either belongs to us or needs our voice, non-Asians will come for us and they will not treat us like human beings, much less fairly! Preempt this by always putting yourself and Asians at the top of the hierarchy. The fact that we are the model minority can be used as a benefit to us. We commit less than 3x the violence, make the most money in the US, and we produce the most relevant products. If they attempt to bring you down, get them to self identify (they’ll usually do it of their own accord) and then launch everything negative to reduce their standing. Then ignore everything they say and continue to diminish them.


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    Asian American soft power was declining even before 2014. You can sorta see this through video gaming. Microsoft and western based companies started gaining significance with the 360 while once famous Japanese companies were merging to prevent being wiped out. Japanese franchises disappeared never to return (Breath of Fire anybody? Suikoden?)

    For a lot of young people, the 360 was their first gaming console and these guys/girls never got to experience famous Japanese franchises. Today, you see a lot of Japanese titles being referred to as “weeaboo games”. Games that were once (and still are, in the right circles) famous for their genre, such as Tekken and Street Fighter.

    When you look closer at the 360 demographic, they consisted of “dudebros”. These guys play a stereotypical set of games like Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Call of Duty, and so on. Most games had white males with buzzcuts and created to look “badass”.

    The 360/PS3 generation lasted about 7-9 years. So you can imagine that these young boys (we’re talking about 13-16 yrs old at the beginning) are now 20-25 years old now. Just in time for the social justice/feminism movement to reach it’s peak (#Gamergate marks a significant period in time). Check this out, see anything that looks familiar?


    On the left (the social justice warriors) are mostly white, nerdy, busted up looking white guys. On the right, are normal looking white guys, Asian guys, Hispanic guys, black guys, women (Asian women from FG community are typically pro-Asian).

    The meeting on the left (XOXO Fest) was about diversity but the whole thing was fake and hypocritical b/c the audience was white.


    So anyways, you can see that the kind of guys who tend to marry or go after Asian girls are busted up, loser, nerdy, white guys. These guys are hypocrite SJW’s who move to Asian countries (btw women are not exempt from this) and then they push SJ ideals like multi-culturalism, tolerance, acceptance and use attacks like racism, sexist and so on so forth. You’ve heard it all before.

    Another thing is that with social justice, came activism for African Americans. SJW gave undue, undeserved soft power to African Americans (and only African Americans). That is why you see this huge “diversity” push that benefited mostly white women and blacks. Coincidentally, to go along with the rise of “diversity” movement, the SMV for black men went way up. So high that you don’t even have to have a JOB to snag a beautiful looking white girl. This goes along with the statements you hear “white women are terrible feminists who only go for black men”. The result of that, white guys go with Asian women. Black men, with their newfound SMV, went to white women. There were things that also helped this along, like porn (interracial porn like blacked).

    In the present, we’re at a point where Asian-American perception is at the lowest point I’ve ever seen. China is rising in soft power among other countries but here, people are being fed propaganda to make them out to be the evil ones. They don’t yet have any popular media to export so they haven’t seen anything to give them a positive perception. For example with Japan, they exported cars, bikes, anime and video games, causing people to admire Japanese.

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    Stopping at this specific bit of interview

    The craziness in that segment has infected much of American society before Asian subs showed up on reddit.

    A secondary question is then, why these “asian”-label reddits started to sprout in early-2014

    that was a reaction to the death of forums caused by the rise of social media, but social media is useless for real conversations so reddit became a temporary alternative.

    Why Asian american people’s soft-power (or asian in general) started to be more actively hindered and subverted since 2014


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    @suiko_no_shin No need to send it to everyone. The most important people we need to reach are Asian governments, institutions, leaders, and parents. The languages we need are primarily Asian ones [Cambodian, Malay, etc] and English [Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, big chunks of India, even large clusters of Korea, China, and Japan, Asians living in the West]

    Less popular diaspora locations will be given less priority.

    I came across

    This review said it is a desktop translator and supports translation between 7 languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

    I would have used google translate but it seems like shit.

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    The question is how do you reach the audiences to deliver these messages? I myself knew them so it’s not new to me but how do you get that in front of European people, Australians, British, etc? We’re going to have to learn foreign languages just to translate them and then figure out where those people post so we can go post there. It’s an INSANE amount of work that frankly I don’t have time for.

    So you see my frustration that it’s not just English speaking countries it’s fucking everybody.

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    @suiko_no_shin said in Black guys play by the same rules as whites:

    Asian males has some part to play in this as well but it can’t be helped when in today’s open borders world and media influence drives people to go seeking out other countries and cultures/peoples.

    Lots of things can be done. Instead of showing them as gentlemen and their societies as post racial heavens, they should stop lying and present them as the scum that they actually are.







    “I know men cheating on their girlfriends back home. Single men having fun with several Chinese girls and letting a girl think that she is special and his only girl. I have heard of husbands cheating their wife without getting caught.

    What is wrong with these men - My theory is that because it’s easy for a Western man (even easier if you’re tall and
    good looking) to get attention and more from Chinese women. They are more popular here than back home.”

    What is wrong with Western men in China? | Living A Dream In China

    the foreigners here–mainly US and Canada–are unreal. It’s a joke. And because of this, Korean women generally have a bad impression of western men. Add all of the ridiculous army assholes here…

    If you’re not an English teacher, you’re instantly higher value. Again, I cannot impress enough how deplorable the white man is here. It has to be seen…

    Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China or Japan?

    I know it sounds like an over-generalization, but it kind of seems that ESL teachers fall into to two categories: white guys with no game who want to give getting laid a try, so they go to some Pacific Rim country and hope the wealth disparity gives them that edge they need; and pedophiles who want to try out the underage hookers in Thailand or whatever.

    I don’t know, it’s just that I’ve known at least three guys who have gone across the ocean to teach english, and they’ve all been dirtbags.

    Tell me about it dude. Most of them don’t even know how to teach or even have degrees. A lot of guys that get discharged in Korea stay here and teach english and make bank and use girls. And they don’t even speak Korean!

    Guys who teach english overseas are all scumbags | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

    John has a history of cultivating a harem of exclusively attractive Asian women.

    “John was Scandinavian… He seemed unreal. Like a dream boyfriend.” John was sleeping with at least four other Asian women.

    some sluts recounting the horrors of dating this player John, and the second half is them bitching and moaning about yellow fever.

    Phoebe also informs us, that this has been going on for three generations, and that all the women John dates are Asian, and these sluts all feel very gross about that. The girls find this attitude frustrating. The thing is, John doesn’t care.

    Don’ t feel sorry for women; exploit them to your advantage. giving no fucks about what other people think.

    Man dates TEN attractive women, gets caught, shrugs it off, and plates 10 new women : TheRedPill

    “So you’re coming to China to run away from your problems… Social anxiety, unattractiveness and/or loneliness. I don’t blame you. I’m sure many here would admit to the same reasoning if they had the balls. Myself included…

    And you know what? It fucking works. You step foot in some shit tier city and suddenly you’re the coolest, most interesting motherfucker in town. I get it. It’s an awesome feeling.

    But here’s the thing. Deep down, under the barriers and walls you’ve put up, all those problems will still exist. You can bang all the Rainies you want and feel like the biggest badass but there will always be a little feeling in the back of your mind, gnawing at your psyche like a ravenous molerat. A voice that whispers: I can’t cut it back home.

    Some guys will overcompensate to the extreme, banging anything that walks and being straight up assholes to everyone just because they can. Just to make that voice a little smaller. But it will still be there. That tiny, frustrating little whisper. This is all a dream. In 5 minutes, you’re gonna wake up in your old bed at your folks’ house in Bumfuck, Arkansas. And everything’s gonna be shit again.”

    So you’re coming to China to run away from your problems, eh? : China

    Young guy is thinking of moving to China to work as a teacher. He’d heard about sexpats and alcoholic expats. China is full of them, he was told. What a bunch of losers.

    I’ve told the girls I’m not sure I’m ready for a serious relationship. It’s their fault if the choose to hang on hoping for something more.

    He starts using tantan for hookups. It’s so easy to have a few different girls on the go. I was hurting the girls I was hooking up with (they all seem to be looking for marriage).

    I’d become some sort of sexpat alcoholic. I’m just as shitty as any other guy.

    [SERIOUS] Did China force you to face your inner demons? : China

    If it’s so hard, why has the West so successfully brainwashed women into avoiding Asian men who faults they don’t even have?

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    Asian males has some part to play in this as well but it can’t be helped when in today’s open borders world and media influence drives people to go seeking out other countries and cultures/peoples. I myself can do the same exact thing as white guys and go to white countries for women if I want. Maybe it’s as like EurasianTiger said, b/c the Asian girls really are that easy. That’s probably the case but I can’t see it from that perspective b/c for me, no woman is easy and especially not Asian. So personally, I just don’t know what it’s all about.

    I’m planning to visit China in the next two years. I do not plan on (or going w/ the purpose of) hooking up with women. I want to go there to see the sights and try out all the different regional cuisines. Whatever else happens, I leave it up to random chance.

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    That wasn’t the interview but yeah that’s the guy. This is a good video b/c he gives a good, detailed explanation. These days, our subverters in America are Hollywood, mainstream media, the government, etc. These institutions that a lot of people are starting to complain about. China censors a lot of outside information but even they got subverted via Hollywood. China is also the best example of resisting subversion b/c they are the only Asian country to stand up to western countries.

    You will find scumbags everywhere, the question is if they are a big enough trend / problem. I know whites are big enough of a problem so I focus on them for now.

    I was talking about this with my friend earlier and I posed the question, why is it always Asia? I think that on an overarching level, Asia is the top destination to escape from western societies FOR EVERY RACE. I have no idea why they don’t want to go to Europe where there are BEAUTIFUL women, rich culture, food, etc. Like, I’d love to go to Italy right now. Why don’t black people go back to their roots and visit Africa? Or the Caribbean? It’s crazy. Every race/country wants to go to East Asia and reap their riches while banging their women. East Asia isn’t even the best place to live/work and date if we’re talking about comfort level.

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    I remember this interview with a former KGB agent

    You mean this? At first, it sounded like some elaborate scam, but the more I reflected on the extreme liberal lunacy, the more I found this plausible.

    You will find scumbags everywhere, the question is if they are a big enough trend / problem. I know whites are big enough of a problem so I focus on them for now.

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