White supremacy and me. I can't do this anymore.

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    Most of us live in the US. Most of us know what it’s like to be discriminated and spat upon just for something as trivial as looking different. And yet even till this day racism against Asians are still left unexposed and swept under the carpet as if nothing goes wrong. It has huge detrimental psychological effects on our self perception and how the world works. It has destroyed my confidence, my own self worth, and even has damaged my functionality within society. With all of this said, I have held a burning hatred against white supremacy ever since I have become aware that I am “different”. No, I do not hate white people. What I absolutely hate is how I have felt inferior all my life due to constant media portrayal of Asians, a plethora of negative Asian stereotypes that are used solely for the purpose of putting us in our place, and the social structure of how we as a people are perceived in this country. My absolute greatest desire is to give back what was as first given to me… a lifetime of pain and inferiority. I want us to conquer all nations that are by origin white, obliterate the English language just to have it replaced by the Korean language, and enslave whites in order to force our superiority over those who had made me worthless.

    I know that a post like this may be offputting to many of you, but I am simply expressing my own thoughts and life to people that I think can relate to my pain the most. I can’t take this anymore. In fact, I’m in a position where I HAVE to express myself. I’ve already tried to kill myself numerous times just because I know that I cannot achieve this insufferable dream that I have. It pains me just by thinking about how impossible it seems to amass an overwhelming military power that would have the strength to conquer the entire European and North American continent especially since both continents hold some of the worlds greatest super-powers. If I die, I rest comfortably within nonexistence. If I still live on, I have to constantly wrestle with my own helplessness and suffering. I. CAN’T. DO. A SINGLE. FUCKING. THING. I don’t know how you guys cope with this; maybe it isn’t nearly as bad for most of you as it is for me. What is the worth of a life if it is lived in vain? That’s how I feel about my own existence… absolute vanity. If I can’t achieve the power that I’ve always dreamt about, then my own existence is completely futile. And as of now, my life seems to be headed towards certain death. For decades I have fantasied about how I would go about becoming godly powerful and destroying white supremacy just to have it replaced with our superiority. But that’s just what it is… a fantasy. For all this time I couldn’t decide whether or not it was a dream or a fantasy; something realistically achievable or a hallucination of a hope that I desperately clung to as reassurance that I can in fact be a superior being. In any case, all of these factors have lost their relevance as I will probably choose that easy and attractive solution to a life that has never gained it’s value. I’m sure most of you know what I imply, though I will say that my time hasn’t come now. Most likely it will happen sometime in the future when I’ve come to more than a realization that human life is simply just human life and any other meaning attached to it is simply not absolute truth. Why should I exist? In my entire life no one has ever been able to adequately answer that question.

    If I’ve scared anyone, I’m sorry. I’ve spent my life trying to fix the issues I have with hard work and intelligence, but even then I still fall short of gaining any sort of solution. I also apologize for the long post, I had to get this out there. I’ve never told anyone about this since they wouldn’t understand how I feel. And lastly, don’t try and help me. I’m done with all of this… I could never find peace, so I will in fact make my own!

  • I don’t know how you guys cope with this; maybe it isn’t nearly as bad for most of you as it is for me.

    My family used to say that whites are like small pieces of dirt. Separately and as individuals, they’re not much but combined together, they can make the whole ground. They say Asians, on the other hand, are like diamonds. Each one very bright and/or talented but each one also try too hard to out shine the other.

    What were they trying to get at? I believe pan-Asianism. You feel your confidence being destroyed because you see so many superpower countries being white, so many innovations that are (or you thought) from whites, white people being the epitome of beauty and all things good, etc…but I still feel confident because I know for a fact that I’m not, or rather, we’re not, inferior. I know for a fact that there was once a time when Asia was thousands of years well ahead of Europe (i.e. Tang dynasty while Europe was stuck in dark ages) in terms of being a superpower, innovation, art, and literature. The only reason why we got behind while Europe raced up was because of what my family said, whites work together as a community while we did not. Whites passed ideas to each other with each one adding something new to the original idea. On the flip side, historically, we had a culture in which whenever one of us came up with a great idea or innovation, we rather keep it to ourselves (either because we were too afraid that others will “steal” our idea or we wouldn’t be able to profit if others are doing it too, etc…) so we never passed it down to others.

    So intellectually, we are far from being inferior. Our problem is that we don’t come together and work together. Another evidence being that Western Europe has the EU and the U.S., Canada and Australia has its allies. Whereas we have very few allies that are the same race as us. Even whites of different ethnicities don’t hesitate to embrace one another. Case in point being that you meet so many whites who are mixed with several ethnicities. They often say they’re “Dutch, Italian, Irish, Spanish, Welsh, Croatian”, etc…whereas Asians typically alienate each other and sometimes would rather marry whites than marry Asians of other ethnicities (which is something I never quite understand). Sure, once in a while you meet a girl who’s dad is Chinese and mom is Vietnamese or guy who’s dad is Korean and mom is Japanese but rarely do you meet an Asian (even in America) who is mixed with more than 2 Asian ethnicities (that being said, I did run into a girl from Singapore who was Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Malaysian and an Asian-American guy who was Chinese, Mongolian, Thai and Viet before so they do exist but they’re still VERY RARE).

    Anyways, my point is we need to come together if we hope to dominate or become a superpower (and stop seeing each other as foreign aliens but rather brethren of the same race). Economically, Asians are doing great–they’re amazing in fact, if South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore are any sort of proof. They have far surpassed Europe, Canada and Australia in that sense. Even militarily, Asians are pretty damn strong (at least 4 out of the top 11 countries on this list are Asian http://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp). I’m Viet but I don’t think my ancestral country’s military power is inferior at all since they were able to kick a supposedly “superior” country’s ass. If Asian countries, just as INDIVIDUALS, were able to achieve that much economic/military might, imagine what a formidable force to be reckoned with they would be if they banded together and became allies like Europe with its EU or America and it’s western allies.

    You asked how I’m able to cope with white supremacy being shoved down everyone’s throats. The answer is I just know for a fact that their supremacy is a lie and I don’t see them as superior to me at all, no matter how much they try to rub it in everyone’s faces. Their attempts to ridicule Asian men is from jealousy and spite. We already beat them at their own game in their OWN country (becoming well educated, financially well off and living the American Dream) despite all odds stacked against us.

    As for us not being able to do much about white supremacy right now, I still have hope and I’m pretty optimistic. The fact that places like this and AznIdentity exist at all help people to start talking, which is a step in the right direction. Now we just need to get Asians in Asia to see the white fuckery that is going on and hopefully, they will recognize one another as friends and allies rather than look up to whites all the time. To overthrow white supremacy, I can’t stress this enough–we really need to unite and work together. We can’t be diamonds trying to outshine each other, rather, we need to be shining together.

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    Defections are extremely useful especially in the police/military and high value members like scientists.

    America benefits from huge brain drains.

    Significantly impair this phenomenon and over time, it will reduce their military, technological, and economic leads. Imagine what would happen if Silicone Valley lost all of its Asians sucked up by the H1B visa.

    Next, in military and police. In thousands of years, China’s great wall was bypassed only twice by invaders…because of traitors from within. Now, who would want to betray America? Every non-white person alive if they understood their place in it, it’s true nature and especially its sordid history.

    What would happen if they realize they weren’t fighting for freedom and democracy and that their own homes were turned to shit because of American imperialism.

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    @secondstrike I do second that. Though many of us aren’t capable of developing new progressive military technology, we can absolutely give our support to those who can. The more I think about it, I actually think economic dominance is the way to go. While overtaking the economy, we can also fund those who are able to establish superior military tech.

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    @butterwithbutter said in White supremacy and me. I can't do this anymore.:

    Well this is all in terms of economics. But what about military force? The most powerful countries are the ones with greatest military power. Just because the currency of nations created by Western imperialism is going to shit doesn’t constitute a big enough blow to white supremacy.

    The Jews have all the cash or they are in positions where cash is needed by the government. Why do you think Israel receives unconditional support regardless of the fact that us Americans have nothing to do with them? They are an extreme minority but they control so many major sectors. They control the media and entertainment industry so they can shove any agenda they want and make people lay down their life for a cause they want.

    Although it’s a step in the right direction, I have envisioned us as conquering western and european nations and putting us on our rightful places: above the honkys. Do you think that it’s possible that we can force our own imperialism upon the whites within our lifetime?

    That’s not going to happen.

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    @butterwithbutter Superior military tech plus economic might would be the ideal. I would love for Asia to have the ability to neutralize all nukes and peacefully pacify America so they can no longer rape the world, but that veers into the realm of speculation. We need to focus on what is within our grasp now and use those tools. Leave the military tech to the 180+ iq geniuses in Asia’s labs.

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    @secondstrike Right, economics is still a good way to conquer a nation, but what happens with a nation collapses and it becomes a state of anarchy? Or going back to what you were saying, the US may even start a war due to economic collapse; this means that we HAVE to have some sort of military protection. What do you think would happen if the US were to implement martial law and concentration camps as they have in the past? We have to prevent that by making sure that we have superior military power. I’m all for using economics to control a nation, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty we have to have adequate protection and destructive force to achieve a world fit for us.

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    Sure, I’d love to discuss this.

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    The Jews did it. I even have a blueprint as to how the men did their part

    Would you like to start a topic on this? This is worth exploring.

    @butterwithbutter That’s a big question.

    America could collapse in a number of ways. War is the least likely given there is nuclear MAD. Economic collapse is likelier but may lead to USA starting a war. However, the world would place intense pressure on them to not fight as we’d all suffer. Internal divisions may split USA up, but they’d use martial law and put revolutionaries in concentration camps or probably kill them. I’m betting on economics. Since the petrodollar system allows them to pay for guns and butter, the collapse could be very quick if they ever lose the petrodollar system.

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    Well this is all in terms of economics. But what about military force? The most powerful countries are the ones with greatest military power. Just because the currency of nations created by Western imperialism is going to shit doesn’t constitute a big enough blow to white supremacy. Although it’s a step in the right direction, I have envisioned us as conquering western and european nations and putting us on our rightful places: above the honkys. Do you think that it’s possible that we can force our own imperialism upon the whites within our lifetime? I would think we can create an enormous technological advantage over them and fight at absolute efficiency despite lack of sheer numbers. I am not for waging war nor killing anyone, but I strongly believe that we can overrun any nation simply by outsmarting them and using force to overwhelm them. I do believe that overtaking them in all economy is a viable strategy, but it isn’t one that is as fast as simply conquering nations through force. We are more intelligent and educated than the whites will ever be, let’s use that to our advantage and take what is ours!

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