How To Stuff Your White Meat Into Asian Girls - reddit r TheRedPill AKA What white males really think of Asian women

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    I thought this was relevant for Asian females, especially feminists, who are “fighting the Asian patriarchy” by finding mr white is right…

    This is from a place that gets read by hundreds of thousands and probably millions of white males every day. This is what they think of you.


    to be fucking honest this sounds sour, you know goddamn well we prefer white women 10 times more than asian women if we stick to the physique alone, i fuck asian girls because they make it easy and are really loving of me (or my whiteness i guess) they’re tight and make good short term girlfriends, but lets not make this seem like we’re massively leaving white women for asian women, white girls will still be the sex symbols and the most desired by others for long to come even though they act like spoiled feminist shits. also this guide is completely useless i never had to do a fucking thing to get asian women, its usually them that do the work.


    We can still have harems of little yellow girls. They make excellent shields to say the most racist things you like for lulz. You could say they’re the chink in the SJW armour.



    even white washed Asian girls are desperate for white dick, you see hot asian girls with dorky white guys all the time in my area.

    exclusively hang in Asian cliques. Finally Does she conform to Asian beauty standards If she isn’t ultra petite, ghost pale and lacks an eye fold, she is looked down upon by other Asians. White men don’t give a fuck about that shit. Which means there is an excellent opportunity to ball up some Asian girls with low self esteem.

    The key to setting up a date with an Asian girl in College or Grad School is using the phrase - Study Break. Memorize this phrase because it is your key to China Vagina. Asian girls love talking about how busy they are with school.Help them rationalize forgoing productivity for reproductivity by saying something like - 'Wow O Chem sounds so much worse than my Jurisprudence class. You should come over for a study break. My bros are going to watch football and eat ribs. An Asian girl who is somewhat attracted to you can’t say no to that. It gives her an exciting White guy story where she did White things, that she can use for social validation. $20 spent on ribs and mashed potatoes is a great price for Vietnamese Tunnel. Also girls who just ate are more fun, happier and easier to fuck.

    I do like that thing that Asian girls can do with their mouths: Shut it, and keep it closed, and not constantly bitch


    Pretty interesting how they see you as extremely easy, easily controlled, unpaid sex workers until they find a “superior” white woman, while their media tells you they’re saving you from oppressive Asian men. Keep fighting the white patriarchy and ending white supremacy, ladies. Letting them pump and dump you will show them Asians are a power to be reckoned with.

    How To Stuff Your White Meat Into Asian Girls : TheRedPill:

  • It’s not anything I don’t know yet but yeah, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of white losers are into Asian girls because they throw themselves at them. I say losers because they don’t want to put in the time and effort to get their own women so they rather take advantage of girls with low self-esteem.

    In reality, I do believe that most people, including white men, prefer their own race (with the exception of self-hating Asian women and black men). They would only sexually take advantage of non-white women if they perceive her as easy. That’s not to say yellow feverists don’t exist–they certainly do–but I think a large portion of them are just guys looking for an easy lay.

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