Why I don't wear poppies for Rememberance Day

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    Each year, the West goes through a tradition that says you should pay respect to the brave white men and white women who fought during World War 1. We are left to fill in the blanks but it’s often implied that they fought for our “freedom”.

    Did they ever tell you why that war was fought?

    Around the late 1890’s, British imperialists and French imperialists had sprawling empires built upon White supremacist ideologies, racism, slavery, mass rape, mass murder, drug dealing, and plunder…or what the west calls “free trade” and “civilizing missions”.

    During this time, new up and coming Western powers appeared. The incumbent powers felt threatened by these new competitors. One of the new powers was Germany, who wanted a piece of the action. They wanted colonies too. The rest are minor details IMO.

    The key tension was a competition among some Western imperialists. They wanted to fight each other to decide who gets to be the world’s #1 racist human rights abuser and thief.

    And yes, you and I and everyone else are expected to “pay their respects” to these “heroes”.


    Always keep this in mind when white people call non-whites “naturally violent” and have a “flagrant disregard of human rights”. These white lunatics were the only ones to wage not one, but TWO world wars.


    BTW, those of you who had Asian relatives that served the belligerents should learn an important lesson.

    You were betrayed. You were stabbed in the back repeatedly. Your contributions were erased. For example, your faces were excluded from any victory photographs. They mostly showed white faces in victorious poses. Certain promised salary/benefits were denied. Whites received full benefits. The British Chinese sailors who fathered children with White women were purged from society. Their children grew up fatherless. Whites were quickly welcomed back as heroes. That is how whites repay you. They repay you with racist hate.


    By 1916, the Triple Entente had convinced the infant Chinese Republic, barely five years after its inception, to enter the war against Germany. Back then, in language that sounds very familiar now, they were called upon to behave as a responsible member of the international community and support the allied cause. It is little known on the European continent that, as part of WWI, the Chinese actually dispatched several hundred thousand workers, manual workers, to dig trenches and undertake all sorts of dangerous work on behalf of the allied cause. Many were killed in action. Many more through disease. When the war concluded, the Chinese sent a delegation to Versailles. However, they were kept in the waiting room and never admitted to the full negotiating table. Worse, deliberations at Versailles decided that former German colonies in China would not be returned to China, but they would be handed instead to [Imperial] Japan.

    China’s Long View: European Imperialism in Asia - The Globalist:


    Sounds familiar huh? Today, you work in their r&d labs. You build their weapons. You build their cpus. They “thank you” by using those weapons against your family. They “thank you” by placing embargoes on the export of powerful cpu chips. Simultaneously, they “thank you” by calling you a bunch of uncreative copy cats.


    Whites make it extremely clear. You are not viewed as an equal at all. The sooner you accept this immutable truth, the faster you will improve your situation. You deny this fact at your own peril.

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