White hypocrisy against North Korea's nuclear tipped ICBMs

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    For years, the Western “free press” has been feeding us lies about NK “regime” “threatening the free world”. Yet, it was the West and its allies, America in particular, who in the mid 1900’s installed a pro-USA puppet that proceeded to massacre Korean communists and nationalists. The atrocities led North Korea to intervene [or what the West falsely called “invade”] SK to save their siblings. See The Hidden History of the Korean War for more

    After reaching an armistice for the Korean War, Russia, China, and USA all agreed to leave the Korean peninsula. Everyone did leave except Americans. Because America refused to leave and because America continues to threaten to destroy NK, NK decided they needed nukes to protect themselves.

    Keep in mind, China developed nukes for almost identical reasons: White “Christians” who wanted to colonize China like the “good o’days” with “trade” destructive drugs and “concessions” AKA theft.

    In the late 1990’s, the US Clinton administration almost made a deal for NK to de-nuclearize. Before the deal could pass, Clinton’s successor, George W Bush killed the negotiations and declared NK to be part of the “axis of evil” [without a sense of irony"]. The USA then invaded Iraq based on the wmd lie. They did this with confidence because Iraq lacked nuclear weapons to retaliate. NK saw the nation fall apart as “Western freedom and democracy” terrorized Iraqis.

    Thus, NK made the only logical choice and continued to develop nuclear weapons for self defense.

    The real reason America hates NK having nuclear weapons is the same reason a rapist hates a woman holding a gun.

    There’s a reason why America tops the list of nations that threaten world peace

    It’s not because they’re defending human rights, freedom, or democracy.

    a great comment by god-fist

    Q: Whats the difference between USA and NK?

    A: One is a war mongering terrorist state threatening the world and the other is NK.

    I love the number comparisons. 6800:10 warheads. 416:0 used. 8500km : 930km. 1650:0 active nuclear forces. Numbers dont lie, they are objective and unbias. Really shows who is the real threat.

    source: https://np.reddit.com/r/EasternSunRising/comments/6mkj98/patience_is_over_us_north_korea_latest_exchange/

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