Welp....got another 1 day ban over there on AI

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    They thought I was promoting division and hatred for uncle Jeongs and Annie Lus, like all AF are like this, and all AM are like this…LOL, wtf? If anyone has even looked into my post history, everyone should know I’m the most hyper nationalist out there.

    Speaking of which, I triggered another white goblin…called me from another sub to try to say no Asian girls love me or us…we got small dicks…I was like…uhhh…blocked.

    Funny thing is, I say very little about relationships in general, more about national issues. I think I triggered pink boy by saying that America lost every single war since the Mexican-American war. These whites, they have convinced themselves that Asians have small dicks and they’re the most powerful military nation in the world…big LOLOLOLOL. And that’s when all the small dick references coming in…

    You lost every single war since WW2, if we can even say they won WW2. Oh my, small dick asian dude…white people’s thought process.

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    @psylee123 Just focus on rebuilding Asia and spreading the word. Make sure we drop all that “water under the bridge” bs when the time comes.


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