What's up with all those goblins on ESR?

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    I get down votes like immediately after I start a new thread or post? WTF lol.

    All I ever say on ESR is how we’re smarter, stronger, and more athletic than all the other races, and I back it up with real data. It’s not like I misrepresent or anything. I mean, I never said that Asians won any 100 m yard dashes or won any high jump competition. But I can back it up with a lot of other sports, some alpha as phuc too!

  • @psylee123 I’ve been looking for the 4chan post again for the last couple of days and did manage to recover the links from my browsing history but turns out they removed the posts (or archived it after a while? not sure how 4chan works). I can ask the guy who showed me the links if he still has any screenshots though.

    It’s as if they know that if we do, then all the Asians will know how badly we are short changed here in the states.

    Exactly. Whites don’t want us to realize our self-worth because once we do, there would be no benefits for them whatsoever; fewer AW worshipping them and more horrendously obese WMs dying alone…something that should’ve happened by nature had white-worshipping AW didn’t exist. Also, since they wouldn’t be placed on such a high pedestal anymore, I would imagine that would wreck a lot of damage to their huge but fragile ego.

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    Wow, couldn’t believe they “detest” something as harmless as ESR. I think the conversations over there is so…you know, normal. Asians, having a normal psychology or mental health instead of all those who have lost their identity or self hatred. It’s as if someone or a group is watching out for Asians who are going into the realm of normalcy here in the states, they can’t handle it, they’ll jump, scream and holler.

    For those of us who are rediscovering our identity, and realizing how good we actually are, they quickly clamp down on this self realization. It’s as if they know that if we do, then all the Asians will know how badly we are short changed here in the states.

    Do you have a link for that 4chan post? Don’t want to actually scroll through that poisonous place lol. Like to read that they have smeared ESR and Asians in general.

  • @psylee123 It happens to all of us, including my posts as well. White “men” absolutely detest ESR. I suspect much of it has to do with the fact that the sub makes it so much harder for them to label all of us as just angry AMs when clearly, almost half the mod team is consisted of AFs and we have a few more regular AF users participating on the sub.

    That being said, after ESR was created, I noticed they moved away from bashing only AMs to all Asians in general (both men and women; I saw a 4chan post in which they said “both Asian men and women are vile” after some of them linked my posts) but in all honesty, I prefer that. I prefer that they don’t fetishize AFs while shitting on AMs. I prefer that we’re hated by them just as much as AMs are because it creates a stronger need for us to band together against them.

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    @psylee123 You committed the cardinal sin of not kissing white ass.


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