r/aa has some good EA/SEA posters actually

  • My idea is:

    I found some of EA/SEA posters in r/aa are willing and sincere to face the racial problems that Asians face in the West.

    Should we invite them to r/ESR on individual basis after our mod finish background check on their comments?

    We bring these insightful, Asian-loving redditors to r/ESR. Verify them, and observe them for certain period.

    If they are doing “ok”, then we can further consider bringing them to this forum.

    Once we make the population here large enough, then we can start to create all-verified section.

    Sure, verified section goes long at the premise of large enough population.

    Thank you,


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    Yes, you have valid points, but remember, elected officials also are nerdy socially awkward people with Asian wives. Look at Mitch Mconnell. Look at the Senator from Virginia, I forgot his name but he has staunch anti-China rhetoric, and he’s married to a Vietnamese woman. I’m pretty sure he has the save Asian women from Asian men mentality.

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    I don’t know anything about what is going down on reddit, but from what I am reading I take it that you guys are getting constantly trolled??

    If you are I wouldn’t say it’s government intervention simply because your communities aren’t big enough to do any big damage to the status quo, although I’d have to know what your unique page views look like to know for sure. If there is government intervention on the web, it’s on conspiracy communities where they like to test and monitor their psychological warfare techniques, and it isn’t just the American government that does it.The government is also looking at using big data, mining social networks for targeted messaging. There’s a great article on the guardian website about it.

    As far as trolling goes, you guys are probably just being trolled by online neo-f4sc1st nerds, who instinctively fight to protect their privileges and power to condition asian women. As you all know, nerdy, hateful white guys love self hating Asian women, so sites like this post a threat to their fantasy of the white male saving asian women from asian men.

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    Yes, I suspect that something higher is up, I actually think there might be some govt intervention here, so please band together and protect ourselves. There is something higher clearly in play here.

    For one, if we look at history of the last 50-70 years, it was we Asians that were the successful ones on the world stage, I’ve said this so many times before (Korean War, Vietnam War). Pinkey keeps writing on Fox, MSNBC, CNN etc. that whiteys are the most powerful military in the world over and over again, yet they lost over and over again. What were their biggest military defeats? Korea and Vietnam.

    Iraq, Afghanistan is just an extended war because they can, and at the same time, they can’t win.

    So, what happens to us 1.5 to 2nd generation Asians that are here, getting together on a forum, exchanging ideas and getting smarter and smarter collectively? Hmmmm, is it because we are seeing clearly that whiteys are short changing us in every avenue? Hmmmm…

    Could it be that Asian male emasculation by the media, being so consistent as it is, be a reaction when we defeated whiteys? Could it be some type of fantasy that whiteys has that they take the women and kill the men within their own borders because they have more control over their own borders? Hmmmm…

    Is it possible that when we get on forums like this and figuring this out collectively, we might want to create our own enclaves, schools, etc. and not integrate, meaning we won’t go into their public schools and be bombarded with so called American supreme military might, Amy Tan’s etc etc. Hmmmm…

    Why do we need to go to THEIR schools? Is it for math? Physics? Computer science? I mean, we cannot find ONE underemployed Asian Master’s or PHD teacher/prof? I think we can actually, maybe a stadium full actually LOL. This would be really dangerous from fragile whitey’s position. And with forums like this where we get smart really fast.

    I mean after all, defeating your war enemies is a very masculine thing. Excelling in sports, especially in strength, is a very masculine thing. Looking at whitey’s gold medals, they have to hire non-whites to win THEIR gold medals for them LOL. I would think that whitey govt officials can see this, so they banded together to create this narrative that Asian men are girly men and their women are just falling over backwards for these beta whiteys. The sad thing is that it works to those Asians who know very little about history, for example, our parents.

    This is why I think there is something deeper at play here. You are right in thinking that it’s possible that ESR can get banned, especially when we look at the trolls coming in through a historical context. Their content seems to match the rhetoric coming from Fox news, MSNBC, CNN etc, which is basically govt news agencies, no different than CCTV, global times, etc. Sorry if I didn’t mention other Asian news outlets fellow Asians! So, let’s be on the lookout, and stay on guard.

  • @CivilRightsAZN True but I don’t get the feeling that Asian feminists hate us to the point that they’ll obsessively try to take us down. I think that’s more of something whites would do since they’re more likely to be mentally deranged and be more obsessed about finding ways to ban us. I can’t imagine an Asian feminist going through thousands of our posts to find excuses just to get reddit to ban us but that’s certainly something I wouldn’t put past whites to do.

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    @secondstrike Blubas started a Google Doc for this. Ill aski him to send it to everyone.

  • @natalie_ng said in r/aa has some good EA/SEA posters actually:

    I’m thinking a lot of dudes hate us because they can’t simply brush the entire sub off as filled with angry AMs anymore since almost half the mod team is female and there are active female users on the sub.

    I’m thinking a lot of “Asian feminists” also don’t like us since we are working on clearing the air from the myth of “Asian misogyny”. They might run out of valid point to throw EA/SEA under the bus to “boost their status”. This smashes their long-term monopoly as the “token minority”, “Asian spokesperson”.

  • @psylee123 A few non-Asians have mentioned that it’s worst than r/AI and even r/hapas so I wouldn’t be too surprised that there are folks out there who are obsessively finding ways to ban us. I’m thinking a lot of dudes hate us because they can’t simply brush the entire sub off as filled with angry AMs anymore since almost half the mod team is female and there are active female users on the sub.

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    Wow, the thought of ESR being banned would be crazy, that sub is literally so harmless, it’s like, what did we say? What did we do? wtf?

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