Nude Photo Posts of Female Marines Being Investigated by NCIS

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    The Marine Corps is looking into allegations that an unknown number of potential Marines, as well as current and former service members, shared naked and compromising photos of their colleagues on social media, Marine officials said Sunday.

    The War Horse’s report focuses on one Facebook group with more than 30,000 members called Marines United. In January, a link to a shared hard drive containing photos of numerous female Marines in various states of undress was posted to the group, according to the War Horse’s report. The hard drive contained images, as well as the names and units of the women pictured. Many of the photos were accompanied by derogatory and harassing comments.

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  • @bugoutfever Western values alright. I don’t understand the “all WMs are gentlemen” stereotype, especially considering how common it is for them to take advantage of revenge porn, unleash nude photos of exes (or other women), promote TRP, and become douchebag PUAs who believe treating women terribly makes them more attractive. I’m not a big fan of white feminists either but in a lot of ways, I’m glad white feminists exist if it means fighting back against WM douchebaggery.

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