The most basic/not-that-great-looking white face is considered "beautiful" in Asia?!

  • Words cannot express the amount of disbelief and disappointment I felt after watching this video. I honestly always thought that many Asians who opted for plastic surgery only wanted to look like other Asians they deemed attractive. I continuously dismissed the idea that they were going for the “western” look (hated that term) because I’ve long argued that as Asians, our features are very diverse. But after watching this video and hearing it come straight from the horse’s mouth (hearing Asians openly ADMIT they admire the features of a not-so-good-looking white individual), I’m reconsidering my stance on that.

    You can see it for yourself here:

    The doctor calls this woman beautiful. I mean, I admit I’m no expert at judging non-Asian faces but I feel confident enough with my own eyes to know that this individual is anything BUT beautiful. I can understand if they look at Hollywood and think some super airbrushed, super photoshopped, heavily make-uped, plastic-surgeried models/actresses are attractive but a basic ass hoe like this?! They’ve gotta be fucking joking me, right?!

    If you continue watching the video, you’ll see that one of the Chinese female patients (who came all the way from China to South Korea just to get a “western” face) later became sad when the WF said that she doesn’t look like her or any of her white friends. Fuck, shouldn’t the Chinese girl be relieved and even happy? Why would she want that woman’s huge nose, huge protruding cheekbones, thin ass lips and man jaw?!

    Seriously though, the amount of unwarranted, unnecessary self-hate is worst than I actually thought it was if they see even the ugliest of whites as some kind of epitome of beauty. This is something I’m not even sure how to cure. How do you convince someone that someone they consider beautiful, is in fact, not beautiful? What’s sad is that I suspect this is where most of the white-worship from AFs is coming from; because the worst looking of whites is still considered attractive in their eyes. The problem is figuring out how to solve it. We can chalk it up to brainwash among Asian-Americans but what excuse does Asians in Asia have?

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    @natalie_ng This is not something we should fight individually. It’s like chipping away at a mountain with a spoon. This is something that requires institutional muscle and even requires being forced upon people, at least, initially.

    I see parallels with orientalist literature but for a different goal. Before that hate-speech disguised as fact, Europeans admired China. If they had a few individuals demonizing China, it wouldn’t take off. It required a huge initial push to make their bs into “common sense”.

    The reason I think China is the best bet is that they don’t need to cater to non-Chinese tastes at all due to their market size. They can force a new view without much damage to themselves. Then, what gets popular there, gets popular first with its neighbors and then the rest of the world.

    They need to recognize this power and use it.

  • @secondstrike

    . It would be a matter of instructing them on how this all works and how they are screwing up badly.

    For those like me who can’t or unable to communicate with the Chinese gov’t, in the meantime, I’ll focus on promoting more diverse Asian looks on my blog and whatnot and try to minimize posting images of AFs with only double lids or with lighter skin. It sucks though because that’s what most images of AFs promoted by Korean/Chinese/Japanese fashion blogs tend to be (which is where I get most of my images). I also feel like it’s a catch 22. If I promote the same images of AFs that Asian blogs tend to promote, I lure more Asian visitors into my blog because they like what they see, but I wouldn’t be able to convince them into thinking other Asian looks are attractive as well. On the other hand, if I promote images of tanned AFs with monolids, I will get much less Asian visitors coming to my blog and then I STILL wouldn’t be able to convince any Asian into embracing other looks for AFs :(

    AMs are a bit easier because I’ve been promoting images of tanned, muscular AMs with monolids and they’re still seen as masculine (which is what I want). And I also promote more slender AMs (not metrosexual, just slender) and lighter-skinned AMs like Kris Wu and girls still love them.

    AFs are way more tricky and I assume that the media in Asia has the same dilemma I do–even if they DO want to promote other looks for AFs, they may be afraid of losing fans or viewers and in the end, that still wouldn’t accomplish anything :(

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    @natalie_ng I don’t know about the others, but China specifically wants to fight cultural imperialism so getting them to change should be easier. It would be a matter of instructing them on how this all works and how they are screwing up badly. The censorship committee is worried about non-issues like time-travel but allows tens of millions of people to worship white faced jesus and see white males on underwear packets right beside underwear with Asian females. They live up to the stereotype of the socially clueless engineers that they are. They can build bridges, but can’t charm a woman to save his life.

  • @secondstrike Yeah, that’s why you also get way more people with monolids getting surgery to have double lids but never the other way around. I used to not fathom that Asians could possibly be THAT self-hating until after that video and thinking about how all of the features that Asians seem to favor (in terms of showing them in media, like you said) seem to strongly benefit whites; i.e. obsession with lighter skin and double lids.

    We really need to showcase/promote Asians with all sorts of different features in the media. The problem is though, Asians in Asia probably won’t do it so we have to figure out how to.

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    @natalie_ng Well, it takes time. People have gotten conditioned to see double eyelids on whites as beautiful. The problem I’m referring to is that Asians also choose double eyelid people to show in media and this reinforces the idea that such features are beautiful. See what I mean?

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    show the worst of whites.

    I’m not sure if that’s going to help anymore. The white lady in the video doesn’t even look good (I’d say she’s unattractive) and YET they still think she’s “beautiful.” Is there something wrong with their eyes??? I just don’t understand it…

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    what excuse does Asians in Asia have?

    @natalie_ng It’s the same thing. The constant stream of cherry picked white and hapa faces across Asia isn’t helping.

    Need to start early. Anime, manga, ads, etc should feature clearly Asian looking people as the best and the reverse, show the worst of whites. Instead of showing them having photoshopped Asian-like skin, show them with their red skin, their giant crooked noses, etc.


    I prefer the face on the left. Looks much better.

    I’m not sure if Vice is a totally objective source either. Some of the youtube comments.

    J Kay2 months ago
    "Post apocalyptic underground world" girl you never been shopping at night before? i dunno why they’re making it sound so weird, because it’s normal af.


    stephenix7 months ago
    Every time Vice does a documentary like this about a certain thing in culture, it seems like they’re trying to make it seem super bizarre and weird, in a negative way.I
    know it gets you views to make something seem strange or taboo but like… eugh this made me so uncomfortable to watch. I mean, it wasn’t even about Seoul Fashion Week! It was more like “here’s all the things we think are weird about Seoul let’s look at this culture that we think is super strange 'cause we’re close minded”


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