‘I’m blind and this is how I cook’: Watch MasterChef winner Christine Ha at her best

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    ‘I’m blind and this is how I cook’: Watch MasterChef winner Christine Ha at her best

    “If you lost your vision, what would you miss most? What could you do to be able to enjoy it again? This is a challenge for you to think creatively.”

    Those are the words of Christine Ha, the first visually challenged contestant to win the competitive cooking show, MasterChef. The Vietnamese-American’s cooking skills brought her into the limelight when she participated in the third season of the reality show in the US in 2012.

    Ha overcame great obstacles while performing cooking challenges and even earned effusive praise (video below) from Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity chef known for his fiery temper on the reality show.

    Ha is also a writer and blogger from Houston, Texas and currently documents her daily life in her YouTube video series called Blind Life of Christine Ha.

    “People ask me, how can you cook if you are blind? It’s like any other challenge in life, you just face it head on and hope for the best,” she points out as she prepares her typical weeknight supper with a camera on her head.

    Ha can be seen taking a few seconds to feel the ingredients and utensils in her hand, before quickly chopping the vegetables to cook red snapper steamed with black bean sauce and Sichuan green beans.

    If you’re already feeling hungry, here’s a video of Ha trying out Indian cuisine in the London restaurant Dishoom.


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