Donnie Yen is Cool, But His Mother is MUCH Cooler

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    Donnie Yen is Cool, But His Mother is MUCH Cooler

    Donnie Yen has been making some huge strides in mainstream entertainment. From his breakout roles in the “Ip Man” movies to his recent role as Chirrut Îmwe in “Star Wars: Rogue One”, it’s safe to say that Yen is (and has been) making quite a name for himself.

    However, there’s one woman Yen should probably thank for his martial arts career: his mother and Tai Chi grandmaster Bow-sim Mark. While she may not be as famous as her son in the mainstream media today, there are many accolades and accomplishments this woman deserves credit for.

    Born in Guangzhou, China, Mark started seriously training in Wushu during high school, specializing in Tai Chi and Northern Shaolin. At the time, women who studied martial arts were almost unheard of. However, her talents caught the attention of the Great Grandmaster Fu Wing Way, one of the most decorated martial artists in China and founder of Fu Style Tai Chi. He ended up taking her in as his private student.

    In 1984, Mark won a gold medal at the first International Tournament of T’ai chi ch’uan in Wuhan City. In 1995, she was named Black Belt magazine’s Kung-Fu artist of the year. Before Mark immigrated to the U.S., she was already famous all over China not just because she was a talented female martial artist, but because she was also better than most men in her craft.

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