Pan-Asian Colonized America (Pro-Asian erotic fiction)

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    An All-American Love Story in Pan-Asian Colonized America

    After the leaders of Asia agreed to unite in a Pan-Asian Empire in 2030 in order to conquer and colonize the rest of the world, every corner of the earth eventually fell to the might of the Pan-Asian Empire, which set up colonies in every country they conquered and ruled them with an iron fist. The last country to fall to the Pan-Asian Empire was the United States of America which resisted until 2040 before finally announcing a complete unconditional surrender following several nuclear bombs dropped in Washington, DC. Due to the grueling nature of the conquest of America, the Pan-Asian Empire cracked down especially hard on America, setting up a new occupying government in the ruins of Maryland outside of the completely annihiliated Washington, DC area, calling it New Ansan, named after the city in Korea where the headquarters of the Pan-Asian Empire are located. As part of the terms of the surrender, millions of Asian men who were formerly in the Pan-Asian Armed Forces now permanently occupy America and are immune from any legal punishments of any offenses they commit against the native population. Such is daily life in Pan-Asian Colonized America.

    It was the afternoon at Miyamoto high school.

    Emma Johansson, a senior, stood in front of her history class. The strawberry blonde-haired, pale blue-eyed, and slightly chubby girl held up her notes in front of her huge chest. Her summer dress that her mother had helped her pick out, showed off a healthy amount of her cleavage as she read out the final lines of her presentation, “And that is why General Ganbaatar Khan, a direct descendent of Genghis Khan, was such an ingenious military strategist for coming up with the idea to nuke Washington, DC.”

    Emma finished her assignment on one of the few Asian founding fathers. She then looked out at her classmates and over at Cho Yong-Tae, her handsome Asian history teacher.

    “Thank you, Emma, that was an excellent presentation of the honorable General Ganbaatar Khan,” Yong-Tae said as he walked up to Emma.

    “Thank you, Mr. Cho, I hope I did him justice. He was such an important man,” Emma had felt so proud when her teacher told her that her assignment would be on such an important Asian man.

    “I think you did Emma,” Yong-Tae said as he gave her a reassuring smile. Emma smiled to herself as she walked back to her seat.

    “Now I hope all of you appreciate the military prowess that Ganbaatar Khan and other warriors of the Pan-Asian Empire showed in conquering the old corrupt America and replacing it with the far superior Pan-Asian America we all live in today,” Yong-Tae told his students.

    Emma nodded as she looked up at Yong-Tae. She so hoped that after her presentation today, that he would ask her to stay after class.

    “I for one do,” Elsa Nordstrom spoke out as she smiled up at her teacher.

    As Elsa spoke out, the rest of the girls in the classroom including Emma, let out a small disappointing sigh. They all knew who their teacher would ask to stay after class.

    Emma looked over at the preppy, picture-perfect prom queen. Like her long flowing natural platinum blonde hair and radiantly bright sky blue eyes, Elsa’s face, smile, and body were perfect. She had long legs, a tight bubble butt, a slender physique, and very big, perfectly shaped boobs. She had the body of a worldclass supermodel and has had a part-time job as a fashion model since she was fifteen. She was already an established local celebrity and teen idol, partly in thanks to coming from a very wealthy, aristocratic family with roots from the royal family in Sweden.

    The bell then rang.

    “That’s it for today,” Yong-Tae, the tall, handsome Korean teacher, told his students as Emma and everyone else started walking out.

    “Elsa, would you stay for a bit.” Yong-Tae looked over at Elsa as he unzipped his pants.

    “Of course, Mr. Cho!” Elsa smiled excitedly.

    Emma and some of her classmates who were walking out looked back over at Elsa who pulled her blouse over her head, and then undid the back of her bra, revealing her large, perfectly shaped natural breasts.

    Emma sighed as the last thing she saw was her teacher pulling out his huge yellow Asian cock, and Elsa getting down on her knees and sucking him off passionately.

    Outside in the hallway Lucas Andersson adjusted his glasses. The scrawny sandy blond-haired senior had hurried from a chess club meeting so that he could meet up with Emma. Lucas had been in love with Emma ever since he started school here three years ago when he and his parents moved to town.

    “Emma!” Lucas smiled and waved his arm as he walked over.

    “Hey,” Emma held up her hand and smiled back. She had always liked Lucas.

    As Lucas awkwardly made his way over to Emma through the crowded hallway, he accidently stepped on his own pants, pulling them and his underwear down to his ankles. At the same time, he lost his balance and tumbled to the floor. Lucas felt so embarrassed as he heard the hallway fill up with laughter.

    “Heh,” Lucas muffled a nervous laugh as he awkwardly made his way up to his feet. He tried to make it off like he had meant to do that, like the star of his favorite TV show, Clumsy Oliver.

    Clumsy Oliver was a popular show about Oliver, a white guy in his early thirties and his endless pursuit of catching his luscious blonde wife Jessica in bed with one of her many Asian men. Each week the audience would find Jessica in the arms of a new Asian man. They would then follow her husband Oliver’s fumbling attempts to get a peek of them together. What made the show even better was the fact the Oliver and Jessica were a couple in real life, and the sex scenes between Jessica and the Asian men were also all real, and were shown totally openly on television. Due to the success of the show, Oliver had been on the cover of the massively popular Cuck Magazine several times.

    As Lucas looked over and saw Emma giggling at him, he felt so happy. He loved seeing Emma’s beautiful smile and hearing her infectious laugh. So Lucas stood there for a brief moment, with his tiny white penis hanging out, letting her laugh at him as he then said Clumsy Oliver’s signature catchphrase, “Aw shucks,” and then smiled awkwardly.

    After Lucas had pulled his pants back up, the hallway went back to normal. Though, he got a few pats on the back from a couple of Asian guys.

    “Good one,” one Asian student told him laughing.

    “Thank you,” Lucas awkwardly thanked them.

    “That was cute,” Emma smiled over at Lucas who still pretended that he had meant to do that.

    “Well you know me, I’m a huge Clumsy Oliver fan,” Lucas smiled.

    “Can I take those?” Lucas looked down at her books, though at the same time he glanced over at her amazingly deep cleavage.

    “Sure,” Emma handed him her books as she saw him looking at her chest.

    As they walked down the hallway they passed a picture of Miyamoto Takashi, the Asian mayor that founded the city and gave the name to the high school.

    “Ehm, Emma, would it be okay if I walked you home?” Lucas asked hopingly as school was out for both of them.

    “Sure, Lucas, I’d like that,” Emma enjoyed Lucas’s company. He was always so nice, and he could be quite funny as well sometimes. Like back there in the hallway.

    “Oh, I almost forgot about the homework assignments,” Lucas got nervous for a second as he had almost forgotten to pick up his assignments.

    “Do you mind if we just swing by reception before we head out?” Lucas looked over at Emma.

    “I don’t mind,” Emma shook her head as they headed down the hall to the reception.

    The reception laid next to the Principal’s office, and in front of the teacher’s lounge. The door to the reception was open as always with Mrs. Miller, an attractive auburn-haired Anglo woman in her mid thirties sat at her large desk. Inside there were several guys waiting in line in front of Mrs. Miller’s desk. The guys who were waiting were mostly white, though there were also a few guys of black, hispanic, and middle eastern heritage.

    “It should take too long,” Lucas told Emma.

    “Okay,” Emma replied as she took a seat as Lucas walked up behind the last guy.

    Standing in line, Lucas and the rest of the guys could clearly see into the teacher’s lounge, where Ms. Vieri was giving Coach Leung a blowjob. The gorgeous brunette Italian woman was the principal’s secretary. As each of the guys in the line got their assignments and left, they all looked back for a last look at Ms. Mancini sucking the Coach’s massive Asian cock.

    When there were only two students ahead of Lucas, a grunt was heard from the Coach in the teacher’s lounge. Lucas’s penis had grown to its full length of four inches as he watched Ms. Vieri keep her lips wrapped around the Coach’s huge Chinese cock. The coach bucked his hips back and forth and jerked his cock forcefully deeper inside her mouth until Ms. Vieri started gagging on his enormous yellow missile.

    Lucas and the remaining two guys then watched as Ms. Vieri stood up, wiped her lips with her hand and smile at Coach Leung. As she walked out, the Coach gave her a smack on her butt, which made her turn around and give him another smile.

    “Hi boys,” Ms. Vieri smiled as she came out from the teacher’s lounge.

    “Hi Ms. Vieri,” the boys replied. They all noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her light purple blouse. Her perky breasts were quite discernible through the thin cloth of her blouse.

    “Next,” Mrs. Miller called out as the guy in front of Lucas left.

    “Hi, Mrs. Miller,” Lucas looked at the attractive school principal. He had a hard time not looking down at her cleavage, as her jiggly breasts were absolutely pouring out of her bra.

    “Ah Lucas, let’s see what we have for you,” Mrs. Miller looked in her file cabinet.

    “Here we are, Mr. Kim has a social studies report that is due this Monday,” she said as she handed Lucas the homework of Kim Jae-Jin, the captain of the school’s soccer team. It was mandatory for each white guy at school to do at least one Asian guy’s homework each week.

    “Thank you,” Lucas took Jae-Jin’s homework as Mrs. Miller went back to the file cabinet.

    “And here’s Mr. Li’s Asian history homework. It’s due this Wednesday.”

    “Oh,” Lucas paused as he took Li Wei’s homework.

    Lucas was quite comfortable doing a lot of homework, it’s why he was doing both Jae-Jin’s and Wei’s. However, when it came to Asian history reports, it was extremely important that he did them well. The report was also due in less than a week, so Lucas knew that he had to start researching it straight away.

    “See you next week Lucas,” Mrs. Miller smiled as Lucas waved a bit nervously.

    “Are you doing two reports?” Emma had overheard a bit of what Lucas and Mrs. Miller had said.

    “Yeah,” Lucas looked over at Emma whose eyes lit up a bit.

    “Oh wow, I’m… kind of impressed,” Emma smiled as Lucas look back at her feeling overjoyed.

    “Well… we better get home,” Lucas said as he knew that he had a lot of work to do.

    As the two of them then walked outside they were struck by the warm sun.

    “Toasty,” Lucas said jokingly.

    “Heh, yeah.” Emma smiled.

    Walking down the school’s steps Lucas saw several white guys like him carrying the books of the girl next to them. A couple of the girls were even in the company of their Asian boyfriend.

    I wonder if I’ll get to do that someday. Carry Emma’s and her Asian boyfriend’s books… Lucas wondered and hoped.

    Emma and Lucas who both lived in the suburbs, had to walk down a couple of streets from the school and wait for a city bus. When it arrived and they got on the bus, Emma looked for a seat in the front.

    “Is this seat taken?” Emma asked a handsome Asian man who looked to be in his early twenties.

    “No, have a seat, darling,” the Asian man said as he lustfully looked up at the curvaceous girl.

    “Okay, I’ll see you when we arrive then,” Lucas said to Emma who kind of ignored him as she was paying attention to the attractive Asian guy.

    “Mmm, those look homegrown,” the Asian guy told Emma as he looked down at her breasts, “are they natural?”

    “Yes, they are. My grandmother had really huge boobs,” Emma told him cheerfully as Lucas started looking for a seat at the back of the bus.

    “Why don’t you take those big titties out,” the Asian guy suggested to Emma in a commanding tone of voice.

    Lucas watched and listened for as long as he could, but he knew that he wasn’t allowed in the front. Only women and Asian men were allowed in the front of buses in Pan-Asian America.

    “Okay,” was the last thing Lucas heard Emma said before walking towards the back.

    A couple of seats from the back of the bus, Lucas passed an Asian man on top of a white woman. “Oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah!” the redheaded woman in her late thirties moaned as the Asian man who was about the same age fucked her hard. Lucas walked carefully passed them as he didn’t want to disturb them.

    “Is this seat taken?” Lucas asked the three white men who were sitting at the back.

    “No son, go ahead,” an elderly man in his late seventies told him.

    “Was that your girlfriend, young man?” the elderly man had seen Lucas walk onboard with Emma.

    “Ehm, no. But I really wish she was.” Lucas looked over in Emma’s direction.

    “Yes, I could tell the moment I saw you walk away from her. You should tell her how you feel,” the elderly man told Lucas.

    “I wish I could sir,” Lucas looked down feeling a bit sad.

    “Young man, I’m going to tell you a secret. Women like nice and polite men. And I can tell that you are both those things.” The elderly man had seen that Lucas had been carrying the girl’s books, as several of them had Emma’s name on them.

    “So If you truly like her, then you should tell her,” he told Lucas.

    “I’ll… try sir, thank you,” Lucas said politely as the older man nodded.

    Besides the elderly man, there was a man in his forties and a younger man in his early thirties. The man in his thirties appeared to be filming the couple having sex, something that had annoyed the man in his forties long enough.

    “Hey, if you don’t remove that footage right now, I’m going to call the cops,” the man in his forties told the younger man.

    “No no, it’s okay, eh… the woman is my wife, and they asked me to record them,” the guy said looking a bit nervous.

    “Oh, I see, sorry.” The older guy leaned back in his seat as the younger man continued filming.

    “Lucky guy,” the elderly man said with a small smile on his face.

    “Yeah.” The man in his forties took out his phone and appeared to be flipping through some photos. He then showed a photo to the elderly man. “My wife Beth. She sent me this yesterday, on vacation in Korea.” The man in his forties showed a picture of his wife, holding two Asian cocks, whilst sucking one of them. “I just wish I could be there with her.”

    Under the Pan-Asian Empire, it is strictly forbidden for any non-Asian male to set foot in an Asian country, which are considered the core commonwealth states of the Empire. Only females and Asian males were ever granted entry. Any need for low skill labor was filled by foreign female workers who often gave birth to several half-Asian children during their time there. Any mixed race daughters they gave birth to were forced to stay in Asia and become part of the working class as all Asian females, even multiracial females with any known Asian heritage, were forbidden to set foot outside of Asia. Any mixed race sons the foreign female workers gave birth to were deported to an orphanage in the country of their mother’s origin. This ensures that all Asian women will mate with full Asian men to preserve their pure Asian bloodline and all multiracial unions in Asia are completely eugenic as the children will always be more Asian than their mother and therefore a genetic improvement over their mother.

    “Beautiful woman,” the elderly man remarked as he reached down for his wallet and took out an old slightly faded polaroid. “This is my wife, Maggie.” The picture showed a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. She was on her back with her legs wrapped around the back of an Asian man who was on top of her. She had the most enticing smile on her face.

    “She’s quite beautiful. Are you still together if you don’t mind me asking?” the man in his forties looked over at the elderly man.

    “Fifty-six years, but she passed away a few years back,” the elderly man replied.

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” the middle-aged man said sadly.

    “Don’t be, my Maggie knew how to live life, and she gave me three beautiful children.” The elderly man took out a few new photos from his wallet.

    “This is Erik, Mary, and Zhao.” The pictures showed a white man and a white woman who resembled the man, and then a Eurasian man who was clearly not his biological son. The middle-aged man didn’t even bat an eye at the sight of the elderly man’s half-Asian son. These days it wasn’t uncommon for a married white woman to give birth to their Asian boyfriend’s child.

    Then suddenly the bus pulled over and an Asian police officer stepped on board. When he did the man who had been filming started getting rather squirmy. As he got up and walked towards the exit, the man in his forties could tell that something wasn’t right, and ran up and grabbed the man with the camera phone.

    “Officer!” he called out as the younger guy tried to squirm his way free.

    “What’s going on?” the officer asked.

    “This guy, he was filming this couple, he told me that she was his wife, but I don’t think so,” the man in his forties told the officer who grabbed the younger man with the camera phone.

    The officer looked over at the couple, was about just about to ask the woman something when he saw that his fellow Asian man was emptying his balls on the woman’s face.

    “Ah ahhhh,” the Asian man moaned as streams of his hot cum splashed onto the woman’s smiling face.

    The officer gave his fellow Asian man time to finish before he asked the woman, “Ma’am, is this your husband?” The woman still had a blissful look on her face as she licked the cum from her lips. When she looked up at the man with the camera phone she shook her head.

    “No officer, he certainly is not!” the woman responded indignantly.

    “All right, pervert, you’re coming with me.” The officer put handcuffs on the camera guy and pushed him out of the bus. He then smashed the guy’s camera and shoved the guy inside the back of his police car.

    The officer then came back up onto the bus. “Thanks for the help,” he told the man in his forties.

    “No problem sir. I really despise guys like that,” the man said as the officer nodded and agreed.

    The officer then waved at the bus driver that he could go.

    A few moments later the bus pulled up to Emma’s and Lucas’s stop. Lucas stood up and said goodbye to the elderly man, as he then stepped off the bus. Lucas had thought about going up front to Emma, but he didn’t want to seem impolite.

    As Lucas stood there, he looked up and saw Emma lean over and give the Asian guy she had been sitting next to a passionate open-mouth kiss. When Emma then stepped off the bus, Lucas couldn’t help but notice that her chest bounced a little more than usual. Lucas then saw Emma holding a bra as she waved up at the Asian guy.

    “He… seemed like a nice guy,” Lucas commented to Emma, wanting to be polite.

    “He really was,” Emma had a smile on her face as she watched the bus leave.

    “Would you mind holding this as well?” Emma put her bra up on the books that Lucas held.

    “Of… course.” Lucas gulped as he put his hand down onto Emma’s bra. He couldn’t believe that he was touching the thing that had held up her large breasts.

    After having walked down the neighbor for a minute, they came up to Emma’s house.

    Bill Johansson, Emma’s father, was outside shirtless, wearing only his shorts washing a shiny blue Hyundai sportscar. He was in average shape for a forty-five-year white man. His physique was more flabby than muscular, but he was fairly good looking with dark blond hair and sharp green eyes. He looked very diligent as he looked over the sportscar, making sure he hadn’t missed any spots.

    “Hi Dad,” Emma waved as her father looked up.

    “Hi pumpkin,” Bill replied with a smile as he finished wiping a spot and then came over to his daughter and Lucas.

    “Hey Mr. Johansson,” Lucas said politely.

    “I see you’re carrying my daughter’s books as always.” Bill teased the young Lucas a little. But he liked the boy. He had seen him with his daughter, always the gentleman.

    “Oh, yeah,” Lucas said a bit awkwardly as he tried to hide the fact that he was holding his hand over Emma’s bra.

    “Thank you, Lucas, it was very nice of you to carry my books.” Emma took her books but left Lucas holding her bra as she whispered to him with a teasing wink, “You can keep them for tonight.” Emma had seen the way Lucas had gulped when she handed him her bra.

    “See you tomorrow, Lucas.” Emma smiled as she waved goodbye to Lucas who walked down the street.

    As Emma walked over to the front door, her father walked back over to the car. “You coming, dad?”

    “In a few minutes, sweetie, I just want to make sure that the Hyundai is perfect,” Bill told his daughter as he started wiping the car some more.

    “Okay dad.” Emma looked over at her diligent father. She knew who the Hyundai belonged to, and it wasn’t her father.

    “Mom,” Emma called out as she put down her books on the hallway drawer.

    “In the kitchen hon,” Karen Johansson called out from the kitchen.

    As Emma walked down the hall, she heard sports sounds coming from the television in the living room. When she saw her strawberry blonde mother completely naked in the kitchen, her large breasts and tight blonde bush on full display, Emma knew that her uncle Jung-Hwan was here.

    Jung-Hwan wasn’t actually her uncle, it was just something her mother liked her to call him. Jung-Hwan was a very handsome Asian man in his late thirties that her mother had been seeing for the last six months. It was his Hyundai sportscar that her father was out there washing so diligently.

    “Hey mom,” Emma said, greeting her naked mother padding barefoot around the kitchen franticly.

    “Hey hon.” Karen smiled at her daughter as she picked up a plate of meat dumplings that she had prepared for Jung-Hwan.

    At forty-two years old, Karen Johansson looked very good. She had tried her best to stay in good shape over the year, and she had certainly succeeded. Her physique was more thick than thin or chubby. The extra pounds she put on always went to her already big boobs and bubble butt. Her breasts were almost as huge as her daughters, though over the years they had started to sag a bit. Even sagging, they looked quite full.

    “Hon, would you grab those beers for Jung-Hwan?” Karen looked over at the beer bottles on the kitchen table.

    “Sure mom.” Emma walked over to the table. Though before she picked them up, she knealt down to unbuckle her shoes. She slid them off her dainty little feet and then peeled off her long white stockings, wriggling her toes as she bared her sweaty feet. She then untied her dress and pulled it over her head and then pulled off her panties. Emma knew that Jung-Hwan like for her to be as naked as her mom.

    “Thanks, hon.” Karen looked over at her voluptuous daughter.

    Emma then walked over to her mother, as the two naked beauties made their way into the living room.

    “Hey Jung-Hwan,” Karen looked over at the handsome and half-naked muscular Korean stud who sat on the couch in his boxers watching sports.

    “Would you look at that.” Jung-Hwan looked up at the busty mother and daughter.

    “Hey Uncle Jung-Hwan.” Emma smiled and enjoyed the lustful looks she and her mother got from Jung-Hwan.

    “Get those big tits over here,” Jung-Hwan told them as he watched the jiggly women walk over to sit down next to him.

    Jung-Hwan reached over and grabbed a handful of Karen’s breasts and sucked them.

    “Ohhh,” Karen moaned as she felt her Asian lover suck her nipple.

    “Mm, mmm,” Jung-Hwan groaned as he looked over at Emma and grabbed a handful of one of her huge soft tits and sucked her nipple.

    “Ohhh,” Emma moaned as she licked her lips in pleasure. Jung-Hwan’s strong hands felt so good on her boobs.

    Jung-Hwan then suddenly heard something from the television which made him look up.

    “Hahaha, look at this token white boy,” Jung-Hwan laughed at the white guy in the two hundred meter dash that was way behind the Asian athletes. Not only that, but he was also running bottomless, with his tiny white penis flopping up and down as he ran.

    “Aww, looks like the little guy is really trying, though,” Karen said as she looked at the white guy who had half the sprint left after the Asian men had finished.

    “Hahaha… little guy sure is right,” Jung-Hwan laughed at Karen’s hint.

    The cameraman then zoomed in on the white guy’s face and then on his miniscule penis, as the Asian commentators made fun of him.

    “Looks like he’s been in some cold water,” one of them said.

    “No, he hasn’t,” the other commentator said as they laughed.

    Outside Bill looked at Jung-Hwan’s Hyundai sportscar. Think that it is… Bill looked proudly at the sportscar. He had spent almost two hours washing his wife’s Asian lover’s car.

    Bill then walked over to the house, and slowly and politely walked over the kitchen and into the living room. There he found his beautiful wife and daughter naked on the couch with Jung-Hwan. His hands running up and down their smooth thighs.

    Bill couldn’t help but glance over at his wife’s ample breasts. He loved her huge soft breasts, and though he didn’t much like looking at his daughter’s bare body, he knew that she had inherited her mother’s chest.

    “Uhm, Jung-Hwan, I’m finished with your car.” Bill said as Karen looked over at her polite husband.

    “You are huh?” Jung-Hwan looked up the man whose wife he had been fucking for the last six months.

    “Yeah… I think so,” Bill started feeling a bit uncertain.

    “Now you think so? Well, I better not come out there in the morning and find some dirty spots on it.” Jung-Hwan looked up at Bill.

    “Oh… Uhm.” Bill started to wonder if he should go out there and check again.

    “Bill, I’m about to suck Jung-Hwan’s big Asian cock here with our daughter’s help, so why don’t you go out and make sure that his Hyundai is pristine.” Karen looked up at her husband.

    “Oh, yeah, I’ll make sure that it’s perfect this time.” Bill looked over at Jung-Hwan as Karen leaned up and pressed her breasts against Jung-Hwan’s face, as he ran his tongue all over them.

    Bill felt his small white penis strain against the insides of his underwear as he walked outside. He knew that he was probably going to spend the night on the couch, jerking off, listening to his wife getting fucked.

    “Think it’s time for those sweet mouths of yours to get to work.” Jung-Hwan pulled down his boxer shorts as he leaned up and gave Karen a passionate kiss and then did the same with Emma.

    Karen didn’t hesitate. She leaned down and started sucking his long thick Asian cock as Emma leaned down and licked and sucked Jung-Hwan’s huge balls.

    “Ahh,” Jung-Hwan smiled to himself as he picked up a meat dumpling and leaned back on the couch.

    “That’s it,” Jung-Hwan said as took a bite whilst getting his cock sucked by a mother and daughter.

    Once he finished the dumpling, Jung-Hwan was going to fuck both women right here on the couch.

    Outside Bill had started to wash the sportscar again. He stepped back a bit as he rinsed it, hoping to get a glimpse of his wife through the window, but there was too much glare.

    “Hey Bill.” Bill looked over and saw Darnell and Shanice Jackson, his black neighbors from down the street.

    “Hey Darnell, Shanice.” Bill was so envious of Darnell. Darnell had told him that he always got to watch when his wife’s well hung Asian boyfriends fuck her and clean out the Asian cum from his slutty wife’s tight black pussy.

    “Washing Jung-Hwan’s car I see,” Shanice said. She had visited a few times before when Jung-Hwan was over.

    “Yeah, he’s in there with Karen and Emma.” Bill wished that he could be in there watching his wife with Jung-Hwan.

    “Oh that reminds me, dear, I think Nia is putting up another video today,” Shanice said, referring to her nineteen-year-old daughter Nia. Nia had a website where she put up videos of herself getting gang banged by well hung Asian men. She had gotten her love for getting fucked by multiple huge Asian cocks from her mother.

    Shanice and her daughter were very close, talking over the phone daily. Sometimes they even skyped when they were both getting fucked by their multiple Asian lovers.

    “Well, we’ll see you later, Bill,” Darnell said as he and Shanice waved as they continued down the street.

    “See you.” Bill got back to washing Jung-Hwan’s sportscar. He was determined to get it pristine this time.

    At the Andersson residence, Lucas kept looking down at Emma’s white bra as he made his way into his house.

    “Does she know how I feel about her?” he wondered as he went inside.

    His mother’s Mitsubishi car was in the driveway, but his father’s SUV wasn’t, so Lucas figured that only his mom was at home. Both his parents worked at the Kaneshiro Akira public library in the city. His mother Klara was a manager whilst his father Hugo was a librarian.

    “I’m home,” Lucas called out as he got inside, and put down the books in the mirrored hallway drawer.

    He then walked out towards the kitchen where he heard some noises and few soft laughs. There in the middle of the kitchen, having a glass of water, Lucas saw a stark naked Asian man that he didn’t recognize. The man looked fit, muscular even, and about in his mid-thirties. As he turned, his thick semi hard cock came into view. It looked to be at least ten inches.

    “Uhm, hi,” Lucas said as the Asian man turned and looked over at him.

    “Oh Lucas, you’re home,” Lucas’s mom, Klara, said from the corner of the kitchen.

    The forty-three year-old hazel-eyed brunette was completely naked, except for her glasses that she had on. Though she was quite slender, the lack of any real exercise had made her body more soft than firm. Her natural C cups had started to sag, though they still looked rather full, with big succulent nipples. Her soft butt matches the rest of her slender body quite well.

    “Hi, Mom,” Lucas looked a bit to the side of his mom, as he felt a bit uncomfortable looking at his Mom’s naked body.

    “How was school?” Klara’s soft breasts jiggled slightly as she walked over to the kitchen counter in front of Lucas.

    “Good, I won a match at the chess club,” Lucas told her as he saw the Asian man eyeing his mom’s butt from behind.

    “Oh, your dad will be happy to hear that,” Klara replied cheerfully. Lucas’s father Hugo had been in the chess club during his high school and college years.

    “And did you pick up your second homework assignment?” Klara looked over at her son.

    “Yes, one on social studies and the other one was an Asian history report.” Lucas knew how much studying meant to his mother. She had been the one who had suggested to her son that he should pick up another homework assignment.

    “Oh, did you hear that Feng, my son is doing two homework reports.” Klara was so proud of her son as she looked back at Feng.

    “That’s good for you,” Feng said unenthusiastically as he looked over at Lucas and then walked up behind Klara and cupped her breasts, and gently fondled them.

    “Mmmm.” Klara closed her eyes, smiling as she enjoyed Feng’s hands.

    “Thank you, sir,” Lucas said politely as he awkwardly looked over at the Asian man who was feeling up his mom.

    “Sweety, I can help you… mm… with your Asian history… mm… report later.” Klara, who had majored in Asian history in college told her son, as she felt Feng squeeze her breasts.

    “Thanks, mom, I was a bit nervous about…” Lucas paused as he saw his mom close her eyes and moan.

    Feng then released Klara’s breasts and ran his hands down her back, and lustfully looked down at her soft butt.

    “Bend over a bit, I need to get me some of this pussy.” Feng grabbed his thick Asian cock and held it up to Klara’s tight white pussy as she bent over the kitchen counter.

    Feng plunged his huge cock inside Klara who moaned out loudly.

    “Ohhhh!” Klara ran her teeth over her lower lip as she felt Feng stretch her moist pussy.

    “Yeahh!” Feng bucked his hips, thrusting in and out of her.

    Lucas stood there awkwardly before muttering, “I need to get started on my book report.” Lucas waited for a moment, in case Feng wanted to reply before he then walked out to the hallway and got his books.

    As he walked passed his mom and Feng on his way to his room, Lucas heard his mom’s moan.

    “Oh god, you’re so big… you’re so big…” Klara didn’t even notice her son walk by. It just felt too good having a big Asian cock inside of her.

    “Ah ah ah ah.” Klara’s butt cheeks jiggled as Feng slammed against them.

    Down the hall, next to the kitchen, Lucas walked into his room and put down his books on his bed. Walking back over to close his door, he heard his mom’s vivid moans and Feng’s heavy grunts from the kitchen. Though just in case Feng wanted something from him, Lucas didn’t fully close the door.

    As Lucas turned around, he saw Emma’s bra lying there on top of the books. He hesitated for a moment, but then he walked over and gently picked up her bra. He felt the soft cloth as he looked at the large cups.

    “Emma’s breasts… they’ve… laid against…” Lucas imagined Emma’s huge breasts as he gently ran the cups against his cheek. He felt his small white penis strain against his underwear.

    He then held it up against his nose and felt the scent of Emma’s sweet perfume.

    “No… I shouldn’t…” Lucas resisted the urge to take out and rub his penis against the material of Emma’s bra. “I… love her so much…” Lucas exhaled and looked down at Emma’s bra, then laid it down on the bed.

    Lucas then went over to his desk and turned on his computer. He was going to do some research on the Asian history assignment. The report was on Ahn Sun-Shin, the founder and first Emperor of the Pan-Asian Empire.

    After Lucas logged into his Pan-Asian American Online account, he quickly looked through some of the news.

    Super Asian Man 2 adds oscar nominated actress Madison Taylor to the cast. The white actress will play the love interest of Park Seung-Jin who’s been cast as Super Asian Man.

    Lucas then clicked on the muted video clip that was playing next to the news story, where known entertainment news reporter Maria Gonzalez stood in front of the future set of the movie.

    “And we’ll just have to see if Ms. Taylor will be able to resist the off camera charms of Park Seung-Jin, who’s known to be quite the ladies man.” Maria Gonzalez smiled into the camera as the video cut over to Ashley Smith, the co-host of the entertainment show.

    “Well, you should know, Maria.” The video cut to a clip of a naked Maria Gonzalez, on her knees bobbing her head, sucking Seung-Jin’s big fat Asian cock, as he thrusted it violently deeper down her throat, making her gag.

    The video cut to Maria Gonzalez smiling innocently into the camera, and then back to Sophie Williams, host of the entertainment show.

    “Maria, didn’t you tell me that your husband, soccer player Eduardo Sanchez proposed to you while the two of you were watching that video?” The video cut to a few photos of Eduardo and Maria together, and then a few shots from a normal soccer game where Eduardo and a few other hispanic players wore no shorts, their miniscule penises hanging out.

    “He did, Sophie. He told me that he had never seen me so beautiful,” Maria said with a big smile.

    “Aw, that’s so romantic.” Sophie smiled as the video cut to commercial and then stopped.

    Lucas scrolled down on the news page.

    Famous sportscaster Jim Steinberg caught jerking off on the beach, while watching his wife, supermodel Abigail Cohen have sex with all-pro football quarterback, Lau Wufei.

    Lucas then opened a new tab and went to his favorite adult model, Alexis Vixen’s twitter page. Lucas knew the reason why he liked Alexis so much was because she looked so much like Emma. Lucas scrolled through her Twitter feed where she had posted several photos and clips from her videos. He then clicked on a preview for one of her upcoming video, Alexis’ Asian Road Trip.

    “Ohhh god oh god oh god,” the preview clip showed Alexis, in the middle of Vietnamese village, on her back with her huge breasts flopping back and forth while a tall, muscular Vietnamese man fucked her hard with his huge Asian cock.

    Lucas reached down into his pants as he closed his eyes and imagined Emma in Alexis’ place.

    Then suddenly a familiar K-Pop ringtone was heard and a Skype call window opened up.

    “Hey, Goofy.” Lucas’s big sister Natalie appeared on the screen. The golden blonde-haired twenty-two-year-old girl smiled. Goofy was her favorite nickname for her little brother.

    Unlike the rest of the family, Natalie hadn’t been much for studying, even though she had the brains for it. She much more enjoyed being outside, partying and having fun than reading books like her parents and brother. Furthermore, Natalie had always looked beyond stunning with bright blue eyes, a beautiful smile, and a great lilywhite complexion. For the last couple of years, she had made a living as an Instagram model.

    Because Natalie lived across the state with her husband Erik, and their six-month-old son, she would often call her little brother on Skype.

    “Hey Nat.” Lucas looked and sounded a bit flustered.

    “What were you watching?” Natalie smiled at her little brother.

    “Ehm, nothing, I was just…” Lucas had a guilty look on his face.

    “Come on, show me what you were looking at.” Natalie looked at her brother.

    Lucas felt a bit embarrassed as he clicked on the share screen function in Skype, and showed his sister the Alexis Vixen preview he had been watching.

    “Oh wow, she’s cute… and he’s… really big.” Natalie lustfully watched the Asian man in the video lean over Alexis and plunge his big Asian cock down her throat.

    “Wait a second, the woman, she kind of looks like the girl from down the street, Emma.” Natalie had met Emma a few times and seen the way her brother looked at her.

    “You know, you should really tell her how you feel.” Natalie could tell by the look on her brother’s face, that he also thought that she looked like Emma.

    “I… I want to, I’m just nervous.” Lucas had always been able to talk about most things with his sister.

    “Listen. You’re nice, polite, fun and handsome, she would be lucky to have you. Even though you are a bit goofy.” Natalie finished with a small smile.

    “You, really think I should ask her?” Lucas asked her sister nervously.

    “Yes I do,” Natalie said as her husband Erik came over to her.

    “Hey Lucas.” Erik waved at the camera on his wife’s laptop. He then gave Natalie a small kiss on her cheek.

    “Hey Erik.” Lucas had always liked his sister’s husband.

    “So what are we talking about?” Erik asked curiously.

    “I think I’ve just convinced my little brother to ask out the girl next door,” Natalie said.

    “Well.” Lucas looked a bit hesitant.

    “It’s okay to be nervous. I remember when I asked out Natalie.” Erik looked at Lucas.

    “I was so nervous.” Erik looked at Natalie.

    “I remember.” Natalie smiled.

    “It was at this party up in Loren Hills. I had just been talking to this really handsome Asian guy when I looked over and saw Erik looking at me. He looked so shy.” Natalie tilted her head slightly as she looked at her husband.

    “Well, I was… I had just seen the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on, and I just knew that I had to talk to her. But I didn’t know if she was with that Asian guy she had been talking to, so I talked to him first and asked if it was okay if I talked to her.”

    “He’s so polite.” Natalie smiled and gently ran her fingers over the side of his dark blond hair.

    “What I’m trying to say, Lucas, is that even if you’re nervous, asking out the girl you have feelings for is so worth it,” Erik told Lucas at the same time as he smiled at Natalie.

    “I think I might.” Lucas started as a baby started crying in the background.

    “Oh, I think he might be hungry, I’ll go and get him.” As Erik got up he lightly rocked the table that Natalie’s laptop was on, which tilted the screen and camera down at Natalie’s ample chest.

    When Lucas saw his sister start to unbutton her blouse, he slightly turned his head. His sister’s big double D’s then came into full view as she removed her blouse. One of her nipples even had a drop of milk coming out of it. Lucas tried not to look though it was hard as his sister’s milk filled breasts took up almost the entire screen.

    “I know you’re hungry, Jun-Won. Your mommy is right here,” Natalie said as Erik came over and gently handed Natalie their Asian baby boy.

    When Natalie found out that she was pregnant, she and Erik were so ecstatic. A couple of days later they called and told their parents, and invited them over. When Natalie’s parents, Hugo and Klara and Erik’s parents Lars and Ingrid arrived and saw Natalie standing next to a tall, muscular Asian man, they knew that he was the father.

    Natalie introduced them to Tae-Jun, who had been living with them for a couple of weeks.

    Their parents took an instant liking to him. Tae-Jun was confident, strong, smart, and athletic. He had a black belt in taekwondo, and he had incredible stamina in bed: something Klara got to experience half an hour after meeting him when she was on her back taking his big Asian cock. Ingrid laid right next to her with her legs spread, as Tae-Jun took turns fucking them both while Hugo and Lars both watched with smiles on their faces.

    “There we go,” Natalie said as she held her breast up to her baby’s lips.

    Lucas felt a bit awkward seeing his sister breastfeeding.

    “Oh.” Natalie noticed that her camera was facing down at her breasts and that her brother was looking a bit to the side. So she adjusted it back to where it had been. “Well you know, this could be Emma some day,” said Natalie as she smiled at her brother.

    “Oh.” Lucas suddenly felt his penis getting harder as he thought of Emma having an Asian baby.

    Natalie smiled as she could see that her little brother enjoyed the thought.

    Then suddenly several intense moans came from the kitchen.

    “What was that?” Natalie looked at her brother.

    “Oh… well, mom’s with an Asian guy out in the kitchen.” Lucas awkwardly told her sister who got a smile on her face.

    “Is he handsome?” Natalie asked.

    “I… guess he’s handsome. He was very tall and muscular.” Lucas wasn’t sure how to describe a guy, but he wanted to do him justice.

    “Oh,” Natalie then looked down at the baby.

    “Erik, I think he’s sleeping.” Natalie looked over at her husband.

    “I’ll take him,” Erik came over and got the baby and carried him over to his crib.

    Lucas then saw his sister take out a wet napkin and gently rubbed the few drops of milk from around her nipple. Lucas then heard a doorbell from her sister’s side.

    As Natalie was about to put her blouse back on, Lucas saw Erik come over to her.

    “Leave that off,” Erik told her as Natalie looked up at her husband for a second and then got a small smile on her face like she knew something.

    Lucas saw his sister look over in the direction of their front door. The microphone on his sister’s laptop didn’t pick up a lot, but Lucas could make out another man’s voice next to Erik.

    Then the voices got closer and clearer as Lucas saw his sister’s smile get bigger.

    “Sung-Yong, this is my wife Natalie.” Lucas heard Erik say as Natalie stood up. Her big naturals slightly bounced as she did.

    “Hi Sung-Yong, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Lucas heard his sister say off screen.

    “Hey.” He then heard a deep voice and suddenly Lucas started hearing soft moans and kissing sounds.

    “Hey Lucas.” Erik sat down in front of the laptop. “I think we’ll have to end the call now, I need to… use the computer to… record something,” Erik told him as Lucas could hear some soft laughter and giggling.

    “Okay, see you,” Lucas said as he suddenly saw his sister walk past the couch that Erik was sitting on. She walked in front of a slim but fairly well-built and handsome Asian man, smiling back at him as she held his hand. It looked like she was leading him towards their bedroom.

    “Bye Lucas,” Erik said as the Skype call then ended.

    As he then leaned back into his chair, Lucas heard some footsteps going upstairs. He also heard his mom’s voice, so he figured that his mom and Feng were going up to the bedroom.

    Lucas then began to take some notes for the Asian history report he was doing on Emperor Ahn Sun-Shin.

    Outside, Hugo Andersson pulled up next to his wife’s car and got out.

    “Hey Hugo.” Hugo looked over and saw his neighbor, Ted Nilsson come from his house. Ted was only wearing a shirt, no pants, and no underwear, his small white penis hanging out in the open.

    “Hey Ted.” Hugo waved as he saw Ted’s wife Kathy walk outside next to a tall Asian man in a blue business suit. Kathy was completely naked. The Asian man leaned down and kissed her, as he fondled her small perky breasts. Hugo thought of Klara as he watched the Asian man grope Kathy.

    “Bye,” Hugo overheard Kathy tell the Asian man as he walked out to his car. Ted had walked in front of him and held the car door open for him. As the car drove off, Ted walked back over to his wife. Hugo then waved goodbye to Ted and Kathy as he walked over to his house.

    “Klara,” Hugo called out for his wife as he put down his briefcase and hung up his jacket.

    He then walked out to the kitchen where he saw Lucas come from his room.

    “Hi dad,” Lucas greeted his father.

    “Hey son, how was school today? I seem to remember that you were going to play a chess match today,” Hugo asked his son.

    “School was good, and I won the chess match,” Lucas proudly told his father.

    “Did you use the strategy I showed you?” Hugo looked curiously at his son.

    “I did, and you were right, my opponent didn’t expect a check that soon,” Lucas said as his father nodded.

    “If they haven’t played against it before, they never do.” Hugo looked around a bit. “Have you seen your mother?”

    “Oh, yeah… she’s upstairs with… Feng,” Lucas said a bit awkwardly.

    “Feng… oh right, she told me that she had been seeing someone, I guess that’s him.” Hugo looked over at the stairs. He wanted to go upstairs and peek into the bedroom, but his favorite show, Clumsy Oliver was starting in just ten minutes.

    “Well son, it’s Thursday, and five o’clock.” Hugo looked over at his son.

    “I’ll turn on the television.” Lucas told his father, as Hugo went over and got a bottle of spring water from the fridge.

    Lucas sat down on the couch and turned on the television as a commercial came on.

    Entice your Asian man with the new fragrance from Valhalla… blonde Danish supermodel Emilie Vestergaard’s piercing blue eyes looked into the camera seductively. A thin see through silk scarf ran around her neck and laid down over her round perky breasts. Tantalizing by Valhalla… Emilie closed her eyes and looked up passionately, as a muscular Asian man came up behind her, smelled her neck and cupped her firm breasts.

    Hugo then came over and sat down in his sofa chair, as his son handed him the remote.

    “Just going to check the news.” Hugo switched over to PANN.

    Asian anchorman Yang Shao sat next to blonde co-host Alice Olsson.

    “Earlier today the Pan-Asian Empire’s Crown Prince Ahn Jin-Gun visited the Norwegian Crown Prince Mathias and his wife Princess Amalie, during his tour through Scandinavia.” The forty-two-year-old Yang Shao looked refined in his expensive suit and stylish short haircut.

    “There sure has been a lot of celebration lately in Norway. The visit of the US president is, of course, the big one, but last year they also celebrated the marriage of the twenty-five-year-old Crown Prince Mathias, and the beautiful twenty-two-year-old Princess Amalie.” Alice Olsson smiled into the camera. Her snug, red wine colored dress showed off her curves as well as a healthy amount of cleavage.

    The broadcast then cut to a stately Prince Ahn Jin-Gun, who stood in between Crown Prince Mathias and Princess Amalie. They were all outside of a Norwegian castle, next to a podium, waving to the cameras.

    Prince Jin-Gun wore a jeogori and baji, traditional Korean royal attire. At the thirty-one years of age, Jin-Gun was in great physical shape and had a handsome Hallyu face with a well-built muscular, tall 6’5" frame. He was well renowned as an international playboy, having fathers hundreds of children in every country he toured.

    Crown Prince Mathias stood on Prince Jin-Gun’s right side. He wore a blue tailored suit which complimented his strawberry blond hair and pale complexion and had a few military medals on the left side of his chest. Princess Amalie who stood on Prince Jin-Gun’s left side looked stunningly beautiful. Her luscious and wavy platinum blonde hair and radiant icy blue eyes matched the iconic view of a Norwegian woman. Her slender body covered by a white summer dress. Prince Jin-Gun then walked up to the podium.

    “It has been a great pleasure to have visited your fine country,” Prince Jin-Gun said as the crowd cheered. “I also want to thank the Crown Prince for inviting me to his home.” Crown Prince Mathias nodded and smiled as Prince Jin-Gun turned to him for a brief second.

    “I look forward to getting to know the Crown Prince, and his lovely wife, Princess Amalie better during the next couple of days.” Prince Jin-Gun looked over at the Princess who looked up at Prince Jin-Gun with an innocent, yet lustful smile.

    “Thank you,” Prince Jin-Gun said as the three of them waved one last time to the crowd.

    The PANN camera then slightly zoomed in on Prince Jin-Gun as he put his hand around Princess Amalie’s waist. Prince Jin-Gun then walked alongside Princess Amalie alongside the castle towards the open doors. Crown Prince Mathias walked a small distance behind his wife and Prince Jin-Gun. When they approached the entrance to the castle, the PANN camera once again zoomed in just as Prince Jin-Gun moved his hand down to Princess Amalie’s butt and gave it a gentle squeeze.

    “Well, I wouldn’t mind being in her shoes,” Alice Olsson said as she smiled into the camera.

    “You and me both,” the camera showed gorgeous sports reporter Aisha Samara standing to the side of Alice smiling, as the two women softly laughed.

    “So what do you have for us in sports today, Aisha?” Yang Shao asked as the camera panned to Aisha.

    “It’s football, Shao. Earlier today I interviewed our very own Dragons about their recent win.” The broadcast cut to the video.

    Hugo and Lucas both gulped as they knew what these interviews usually entailed.

    “This is Aisha Samara reporting from Dragon Stadium where the Dragons just won a huge game against the Cowboys. I’m standing outside the showers here in the locker room to see if I can get a few words from the players.” The camera panned out and showed a completely naked Aisha. The Arab reporter was in great shape. She had a fit petite tanned brown body, big firm D-cup breasts with dark nipples that pointed slightly upwards. As Aisha turned around and walked towards showers, the cameraman panned down to her slender smooth legs and up to her tight bubble butt.

    As the viewers were taken into the steamy showers, the cameraman panned to the left where three big Asian football players were getting their cocks sucked by members from the Dragons cheerleading squad.

    “Oh oh oh oh!” The cameraman panned a little to the right where a blonde cheerleader was being taken from behind by another huge Asian player. The cheerleader’s big tits bounced back and forth as the Asian football player fucked her hard.

    Lucas sat there watching the TV, his penis pushing against the fabric of his underwear.

    “Uhm, dad, I just remembered, I still have some… homework I need to do,” Lucas told his father trying to be as subtle as possible.

    “Okay son.” Hugo pretended not to know why his son was going back to his room. Though Hugo knew that he would have told his own father the same thing as his son had just told him.

    As he watched his son disappear into his room, Hugo unzipped his pants. He then reached inside and started stroking his three-inch rock hard penis, whilst watching the TV.

    Lucas quickly pulled down his pants and underwear as he turned on the Television.

    “As you can all see, there are some celebrations going on.” Aisha turned and faced the camera, whilst licking her lips looking over at all the naked Asian football players.

    “Ehm, why don’t we see if we can get a word from Nguyen Van Thu.” Aisha walked over to the muscular Asian running back.

    “Van Thu, Aisha Samara from PANN Sports, what do you feel was the reason for your so dominant victory today?” Aisha couldn’t hide her lust from the camera as she looked over the Asian football player’s hot body and down at his huge cock.

    “Well Aisha.” Van Thu ran his hands over his strong and soaped chest, as he looked at the busty reporter.

    “We were just much harder than they were.” Van Thu told Aisha as she lustfully looked down at his thickening cock.

    “Yeah, you are… I mean, you all certainly were.” Aisha tried her best to remain semi-professional.

    “Hi, Ms. Samara,” said Nakamura Hiroyuki, the Dragons’ youngest player as he came up behind Aisha and grabbed her big tits from behind.

    “Oh hey Hiroyuki.” Aisha softly moaned to his touch. She had done an interview with the young Hiroyuki when he just was drafted earlier this year by the Dragons.

    “So… mmm, Hiroyuki, how do you feel achieving this much success as a rookie?” Aisha asked as Hiroyuki fondled her breasts.

    “Why don’t I show you.” Hiroyuki smiled as he gently motioned Aisha to bend over, which she did without any hesitation.

    The cameraman then panned and showed Hiroyuki grabbing his huge throbbing Asian cock, and then shoving it into Aisha’s tight Arab pussy.

    “Oh yes!” Aisha moaned out as the cameraman stepped back a bit to get a full shot of Hiroyuki fucking Aisha hard from behind.

    “Ah ah ah ah!” Aisha moaned loudly as the cameraman slightly zoomed in on Hiroyuki’s big balls as they rocked back and forth. Hiroyuki slammed up against Aisha’s big butt burying his thick cock deep inside her pussy. The cameraman panned out and showed how Aisa tried her best to hold onto her microphone, as Van Thu then came over and plunged the tip of his cock into her mouth.

    Suddenly the broadcast cut back to the studio where Alice Olsson had leaned over and was sucking anchorman Yang Shao’s thick Asian cock.

    “Ahh.” Hugo closed his eyes as he came in his pants.

    “Oh Emma.” Lucas was in his room running his penis against Emma’s bra. He knew that he shouldn’t, but he was so close to climaxing that he couldn’t help himself. “Ohh Emma.” Lucas jerked his penis as he came. His small squirts landed on Emma’s cups. As he exhaled and opened his eyes, he looked down and saw his cum on Emma’s bra.

    “Oh no.” Lucas quickly and nervously looked around for something to wipe it off with. He knew that he had to clean it quickly and when he couldn’t find anything, Lucas panicked and raised the bra up to his mouth. Trying not to look, Lucas started licking and sucking his slimy cum from Emma’s cups. As he then swallowed his own semen, he opened his eyes and looked at the bra. There were still wet spots on it. “Oh no,” Lucas though. He knew that he had to wash it. He couldn’t give it back like this.

    Not knowing how to wash a bra, Lucas nervously decided to call his sister, she would know how to. With the bra in his hand, Lucas went over to his computer and called his sister on skype. As the call went through, Lucas got a full view of his sister’s and her husband’s bedroom.

    “Oh god you’re so deep, oh yes oh yes, oh godd.” Natalie was flat down on her belly, her head resting on a pillow. The handsome Asian man Lucas had seen his sister with before was on top of her, absolutely smashing her pussy with his huge cock.

    Next to the bed, Lucas saw Erik, who was also completely naked, he was slightly leaning over the bed. Lucas could tell that Erik was stroking his penis with one hand whilst holding a camera with the other.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” In his slightly panicked state, Lucas had forgotten that he had seen his sister walk towards her bedroom, hand in hand with an Asian man. Lucas seemed to recall his name being Sung-Yong.

    It took Natalie, Sung-Yong, and Erik a few moments to hear Lucas through Natalie’s loud moans. Natalie had the most blissful and dreamy look on her face when she turned her head and saw her little brother on the screen. Sung-Yong kept his thick cock half buried in Natalie’s tight pussy as he also looked over. Erik looked flushed as he panted from having watched his wife and Sung-Yong in bed.

    “Lucas?” A heavily breathing Natalie saw her little brother on the screen.

    “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you like this,” Lucas felt so rude for disturbing them like he had.

    “Uh,” Natalie looked up at Sung-Yong who also breathed heavily. “Sung-Yong, would you mind if I talked to my little brother?”

    “That’s fine. I could use something to drink anyway,” Sung-Yong told her as he pulled out of her.

    “Oh, I could get you something?” Erik was quick to ask. “What would you like, beer, water?” Erik put his camera down as he looked over at Sung-Yong who laid down on his back.

    “A cold beer,” Sung-Yong told him as Erik nodded. Erik’s small pink penis slightly jutted up and down as he walked out of the room.

    “Thank you,” Natalie told her Asian lover as she slipped her smooth and shapely leg over Sung-Yong’s big thigh and leaned over him. Natalie then ran her hand up over Sung-Yong’s washboard abs and gave him a wet and passionate kiss. With her leg over Sung-Yong’s thigh, Natalie’s firm butt cheeks were spread enough for Lucas to see his sister’s pussy, which made him slightly look to the side of his screen. Lucas then sat there patiently as his sister passionately tongue kissed Sung-Yong for several more minutes. Natalie then got up from the bed, her big natural breasts slightly bounced as she did.

    “Is something wrong Lucas?” Natalie looked a bit concerned since they just talked half an hour ago.

    “Ehm,” Lucas awkwardly looked down at Emma’s bra that he held in his hand. He stared at the wet spots. “Well,” Lucas stuttered as he adjusted his glasses.

    “Lucas, you know you can tell me anything.” Natalie could tell that her brother felt a bit nervous whenever he fixed his glasses like that.

    Lucas then took a deep breath. “Well… earlier today, after I had walked Emma home, I usually carry her books,” Lucas told his sister.

    “Uh huh.” Natalie smiled. It came as no surprise to her to hear that her brother had been carrying Emma’s books. He had always been so nice and polite. She knew that her brother would make such a good boyfriend and husband for some lucky girl in the future.

    “Well… I was also carrying her, bra,” Lucas said, beginning to blush.

    “You were carrying her bra?” Natalie got a curious smile.

    “Yeah… uhm… Emma met this Asian guy on the bus ride home, and when she got off, she was carrying her bra.” Lucas looked up at her sister as he saw Erik walk back into the bedroom.

    “Here’s your beer, Sung-Yong,” Erik said as he walked over to the bed and handed Sung-Yong the bottle.

    “I got you a bottle of spring water as well honey.” Erik came over to Natalie.

    “Thanks, hon, I sure could use it.” Natalie took a sip and then looked lustfully over at Sung-Yong who laid there naked in bed.

    “Oh sorry Lucas.” Natalie looked back at the screen.

    “No, I should… get to the point.” Lucas still felt really bad for interrupting them.

    “It’s okay Lucas.” Natalie reassured her brother that he wasn’t bothering them.

    “Well, the thing is, Emma told me to keep her bra and to give it back to her tomorrow,” Lucas told his sister.

    “And you didn’t know if she liked you.” Natalie smiled as Lucas looked up at his sister.

    “I was wondering why she…” Lucas said.

    “I think it’s safe to say that she wants you to ask her out.” Natalie smiled as her brother lit up.

    “Oh wow.” Lucas felt so happy that he almost forgot about the bra until he felt the soft material in his hand.

    “Well, her bra, I…” Lucas held up Emma’s huge bra so his sister could see it.

    “Wow, she’s really busty.” Natalie smiled as she saw the size of the bra.

    “Oh… yeah.” Lucas gathered his nerves.

    “I… need some advice on how to… wash it.” Lucas nervously showed his sister the cum stains on one of the cups.

    “Lucas, Is that?” Natalie could tell by the look on her brother’s face, that it was what she thought it was.

    Lucas felt so embarrassed.

    “I… didn’t mean to. It was just that I was… I was… watching this female reporter on PANN. She was interviewing a football team in their locker room. When I saw her… pleasuring two of the Asian football players, I imagined Emma in her place, and I…” Lucas looked down feeling so apologetic for his mishap.

    “You… came on her bra.” Natalie looked compassionately at her brother.

    “Y… yes.” Lucas looked at his sister, hoping that she could help him.

    “Well, luckily, your sister has washed a lot of cum from her lingerie over the years.” Natalie smiled.

    “You’re going to need to hand wash it, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a pinch of soft detergent.” Lucas wrote down everything that his sister told him.

    “Thank you so much, Nat, I really owe you.” Lucas felt so grateful to his sister.

    “You’re very welcome, goofy.” Natalie smiled at her brother.

    “And I really am sorry to have bothered you sir,” Lucas spoke out a bit as he apologized to Sung-Yong.

    Sung-Yong just nodded indifferently as Natalie stood up and turned around.

    “I hope you will allow me to make it up to you,” Natalie said in the most seductive way possible.

    “I’ll… leave you all then.” Lucas ended the Skype call just as he witnessed his sister sexily crawl over to Sung-Yong on the bed.

    Lucas then took the note where he had written down how to wash Emma’s bra, and stood up. That’s when he realized that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He had gotten a bit panicky before, so he had forgotten to put his underwear back on before he called his sister.

    After putting his pants back on he walked out to see if he could find a bowl or something to wash Emma’s bra in.

    “Hahaha.” Lucas heard laughter coming from the living room.

    Out in the living room Hugo still sat in his sofa chair, whilst Klara and Feng who had come down from upstairs sat on the couch. Klara sat there naked, snuggled up against Feng. Her soft breasts gently pressed against his side, as she slowly ran her hand up and down his Asian muscular chest. Feng had put on a pair of underwear, though the tip of his lengthy Asian cock pointed out from the left leg of his underwear. He had his arm around Klara as they all watched the TV.

    “Haha, look at this fool.” Feng laughed as he pointed at the television.

    “Oh hey hon, we’re watching Clumsy Oliver.” Klara saw her son.

    “Oh.” Lucas realized that he had forgotten about his favorite show, and walked over.

    The television showed Clumsy Oliver, who had raised a ladder up to a window on the side of a house, where he suspected his wife Jessica was in bed with a big Asian man. Though halfway up the ladder, Clumsy Oliver’s belt had gotten caught on something, and Oliver was now flipped over, his pants and underwear pulled down, his penis hanging out.

    “Aww shucks.” Clumsy Oliver looked into the camera smiling awkwardly as people walked passed the house, laughing up at him as he tried to fumble his way free.

    The camera then panned up to the window where Clumsy Oliver had raised his ladder. In the window, his wife Jessica moaned as she looked down at her clumsy husband. She was completely naked. Her breasts were being groped by the big handsome Asian man who was fucking her hard from behind.

    “Ohhhh!” Jessica moaned loudly as the camera zoomed in closer as she leaned up into the strong arms of the sexy Asian man. The Asian man then buried his cock deep inside her pussy, whilst he leaned in and passionately kissed Jessica’s sweet lips.

    The show then came back to Clumsy Oliver who gave his ending signature catchphrase, “Aww shucks.”

    “Hahaha hahaha.” Hugo, Klara, Feng, and Lucas all laughed as the show ended.

    The next morning, Lucas woke up a few hours later than usual. Since it was Friday, it would have normally been a school day, but on this particular Friday, school was out in the entire state.

    Today was Ganbaatar Day, a beloved national holiday where people all over the country celebrate the glorious victory of General Ganbaatar Khan who led the Pan-Asian Empire over the American Resistance to cement the empire’s global dominance a century ago. There had been several major blockbuster movies made about General Ganbaatar Khan and the successful conquest and colonization of America and their romantic exploits with the American women under the new imperialist dictatorship.

    Still half awake, Lucas made his way out to the kitchen, where his mother Klara stood in her morning robe, making breakfast.

    “Hey hon.” Klara smiled over at her sleepy son.

    “Morning.” Lucas walked over to the kitchen table.

    “I’m making blueberry pancakes,” Klara said as she put one on a plate on the table.

    “Thanks, I…” As Lucas looked up at his mother, he remembered that he had hung up Emma’s bra to dry in the washing room. He had hoped to get it before his mother found it.

    “Ehm, I just have to use the bathroom.” Lucas made an excuse and hurried over to the washing room.

    When he found the bra where he had left it, Lucas exhaled. He gently ran his fingers through it, to make sure that it was dry before he took it down. Then on his way back to his room, with the bra behind his back, Lucas tried to sneak past his mother in the kitchen.

    “Morning, son.” Lucas almost jumped when his father came down the stairs.

    “Oh, morning, Dad.” Lucas tried to look as inconspicuous as possible.

    Though Hugo was much too busy looking over and smiling at his wife, to notice what Lucas was holding behind his back.

    “Morning, beautiful.” Hugo smiled at his lovely wife as he walked out to her.

    “Morning.” Klara smiled as her husband put his arms around her and gave her a small kiss.

    “Last night was incredible,” Hugo whispered to his wife as Lucas then snuck back into his room.

    “Mmm, I love it when you ask if you can go down on me after an Asian man has come inside of me.” Klara smiled sexily back at her husband.

    “And I love doing it.” Hugo smiled.

    “Maybe later we could put on that video you like, and I could…” Hugo imagined himself going down on his wife again.

    “Maybe.” Klara smiled as she thought about the adult video where a smart and sexy librarian is taken by two huge Asian guys right in the library. Something Klara had actually experienced some years ago when she started working as a librarian.

    Lucas then came back out into the kitchen and sat down to have a pancake.

    “Lucas, when was it that you were going to work at the fair.” Klara looked over at her son, as Hugo walked over and sat down at the table as well.

    “Between two and four.” All of the clubs at Lucas’s school had to help out at the Ganbaatar fair celebration. The chess club had been picked to handle a water based game at the fair.

    “Would you like for your father and me to swing by?” Klara looked over at her sun with a hint of a smile on her face.

    “Ehm… well.” Lucas didn’t really want his parents to come by, but he was too polite to say so.

    “I’m just kidding.” Klara giggled as she put down a couple more pancakes on the table.

    “Dad, maybe I could borrow your car?” Lucas asked his father. After he had talked to his sister yesterday, Lucas had planned to possibly ask Emma to go to the fair with him. He hoped to be able to drive her, instead of taking the bus.

    “Ehm.” Hugo looked at his son who hardly never asked to use the car, as Klara gently gave him a nudge.

    “Oh, yeah, that’s fine.” Hugo looked up at his wife and then back at Lucas.

    “Thanks, Dad.” Lucas felt excited about having a car, but still a bit nervous about the thought of actually asking Emma out.

    An hour later Lucas had taken a shower and gotten dressed. Thinking of Emma, he had spent a lot more time in front of the bathroom mirror, forgoing his nerdy glasses and putting in contact lenses, shaving the couple of facial hairs that he had gotten, and combing his hair just the right way. He had even borrowed some of his father’s cologne.

    “Hon.” Klara came out to her son just as he was about to leave. “Here, some spending money.” Klara handed her son a hundred dollar bill, as she smiled at him.

    “Oh wow, thanks, mom.” Lucas looked a bit surprised as he took the bill depicting Jang Jin-Young, the first Pan-Asian Empire Imperial Protectorate of the American Colony.

    “You look very handsome.” Klara leaned in and gave her son a small hug as she whispered. “I know she’s going to say yes.” Klara leaned back.

    Lucas got such a surprised look on his face. Somehow his mom knew that he was going to ask Emma out. “Ehm.” Lucas felt a bit embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

    Klara could tell that Lucas was a bit nervous, so she decided not to say anything else. She just gave her son a comforting smile. As he left the house, Lucas looked back at his mom who gave him a small wave from the doorway. He still felt a bit awkward about her knowing as he waved back.

    Story continued here (NSFW)


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