What Happened to Jin – Recent News and Updates

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    What Happened to Jin – Recent News and Updates

    Among Hip-Hop heads, Jin is a name that often brings up both respect and interest. The first Asian American rapper, and one of the tightest freestylers of his time, Jin seemed to appear out of nowhere and in just a few short years likewise disappear. Here, we take a look at his past, and what Jin has been up to in 2016.

    What’s Jin Doing Now in 2016- News and Updates

    After moving to Hong Kong in 2008, Jin would reveal his recent baptism and turn to Christianity, something that would influence his songs in one way or another to the present day. This would also spark a series of free music and mixtapes from the rapper (primarily around the themes of humanity joining together and loving one another) aside from the Hong Kong release of the Album “ABC”. In 2010, as a way to connect with fans, Jin did something quite unusual: Collabing with fans, “Say Something” was released in May 2010, one of the first times fans had been able to work alongside an artist in creating music.

    After 2010, Jin would take time from his career to become more self relective. By 2014, a new album was in the works. “XIC:LIX” (14:59 in latin, probably referring to “15 minutes of fame”) would come out to be a more artful album. With a more intense emotional and genuine expression than had been seen before, MC Jin’s new album is more story than music, however this is a detractor in no way.

    As of 2016, Jin has appeared to begin exploring new avenues all over again. While still touring with his newer material, MC Jin has also begun performing comedy alongside rap. It isn’t surprising as many of those skills that made him an excellent freestyler can make his comedy often seem spontaneous and off the cuff, making him a very witty act. As if this was not enough, in July 2015, MC Jin played the role of Confucious in an Epic Rap Battles of History: Western Philophers vs. Easter Philophers. This would be by far his most popular YouTube appearance to date, despite having a channel for his views and music as well. He has also appeared on the TEDx stage to talk about his career and life, hopefully inspiring more artists like himself.


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