I'm A Chinese-Canadian 'Banana' And Proud Of It

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    I’m A Chinese-Canadian ‘Banana’ And Proud Of It

    From then on, I was careful about what I shared about my Chinese culture. After all, being Asian wasn’t cool. It didn’t help that all the heroes I saw in the media were white. The only real heroine I had to look up to was Mulan. While I couldn’t have asked for a better hero, the kids’ movie was the only one of its time to combat film stereotypes of Asians, who were (and are) often portrayed as anti-social, awkward nerds. One film wasn’t going to change the world.

    After recently speaking to my mother, I realized it was her Canadian mentality of being open to other cultures that really led me to accept my own. Her world views influenced my perspective, whether I realized it or not, and showed me that all cultures should be embraced equally. Canada is a mosaic after all.

    While I regret not coming to terms with my culture earlier, I’m glad I’ve learned that being Chinese is something to be proud of, in addition to being Canadian. I love teaching people about the Chinese zodiac, our red packets and our lion dances. I love eating bolo bao, laksa and dim sum. I think cheongsams are beautiful and so are our Chinese symbols. I’m proud to rep my Chinese culture, but I’m also proud to be Canadian.

    I’m a banana. Always have been and always will be.


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