Jeremy Lin to appear in Marvel’s ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ series

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    Jeremy Lin to appear in Marvel’s ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ series

    That’s right. Right now, the Hulk in the comics is a Korean-American named Amadeus Cho, who took over the mantle of the Green Goliath from Dr. Bruce Banner, whom you might remember from the 1970s television shows and all of the Marvel movies.

    Pak said Cho is a “genius, he’s ridiculously cocky, he thinks he’s going to be the best Hulk ever.”

    But the new Hulk has got a lot to learn, he added, and one of those lessons will come from Lin’s comic incarnation.

    “Our story picks up when Amadeus is kind of at a low point,” explained Pak, who was careful to avoid spoiling the story, which will be in the series’ 13th issue. “He’s getting notoriety, people recognize him. He eventually ends up meeting Jeremy and the two of them team up for reasons that will be revealed soon.

    “It’s kind of about Amadeus being used to being the best at whatever he does … and thinks he can handle anything,” Pak continued. “And Jeremy, as a great basketball player and point guard, knows a little something about teamwork, and so they’ve got kind of an interesting conflict and room for people to learn something along the way.”

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