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    Welcome to Asiansoul. Please introduce yourselves using the following format. Share whatever amount you feel comfortable with, but do not share personal details. This policy is meant to keep you safe.


    I will start
    Username: SecondStrike
    Location: North America
    Why you joined: I was tired of seeing Asians asking the same questions, getting gas lighted by racists, held back by self-hating Asians who care more about other races more than their own, and buying into the “post-racial” narrative to our detriment. So, I made this safe space for Asians with centralized answers to the questions that keep many of them up at night along with some means [still evolving] to address them.
    Background Business
    Interests: automation, military technology, science, health, sustainable living, Asian advocacy

  • Username: TiyaTiya
    Location: North America
    Why you joined: It was suggested to join this forum because of the post on r/aznidentity.
    Background: Studying cultural theory and entertainment. Part timing as an office assistant for a private company.
    Interests: Cultural Trends, Anime, Asian communities, Health and Fitness, Books, Basketball

  • Level 0 - Private

    Username: JosunTiger
    Location: Seattle
    Why: To find other Asians who are tired of being oppressed. I would like to eventually dismantle the current narratives about the Korean peninsula being propagated by western imperialist media, and spread truthful information about the American Empire to Koreans outside of America, and provide an online community for woke Korean Americans.
    Background: IT, economics, math, systems science
    Interests: sustainability, decolonization, social justice, history, art, judo, Asian languages, diversity/inclusion/empowerment, building solidarity among Koreans, Asians, and POC, and more.

  • Level 0 - Private

    Username: Blueandredwithblack
    Location: United States
    Background: Medicine, STEM, and Business
    Why you joined: To put ideas into action; I have a multitude of pan-Asian and pro-AM projects that I am facilitating. I wanted to see if I can take these projects to the next level which requires input from brothers ans sisters all over the world.
    Interests: Pan-Asian and pro-AM projects that include, but are not limited to creating a new pan-Asian interested group and developing a foundation that would award bright, young, and proud Asians adequate scholarships to pursue their interests.

  • Level 0 - Private

    Username: blublas
    Location: Europe
    Why you joined:I’ve always been asian but never understood asian identity.
    Interests: DIY, repairing stuff, robots,bikes, street hockey

  • Level 0 - Private

    Username: AnavarGiveUp
    Why you joined: I’ve gained alot of professional, relationship, and personal satisfaction as an Asian man in a Western country who invested in becoming muscular. I want join a strong english language Asian online community and help others achieve live healthy and athletic lives.
    Background: Healthcare. I am knowledgeable about health and AAS (feel free to message me with any questions you have)
    Interests: Fitness, Aesthetic bodybuilding

  • Level 2 - Officer

    Username: Ankistar
    Location: Suburban United States
    Why you joined: "I wanted to find a community of people that shared the same mentality with me in terms of Asian unity, instilling a sense of dignity in other Asians and Asian-Americans, and combating racist notions against us."
    Background: Healthcare, fitness
    Interests: Weightlifting, fitness, nutrition, kpop

  • Banned

    Username: asianmovement
    Location: Somewhere in the west of Canada
    Why you joined: I’m interested in pro-Asian spaces and I want a community of shared Asian unity.
    Background: STEM
    Interests: food, music, the Asian community, Science , Fitness

  • Level 0 - Private Banned

    Username: notanotherloudasian aka nala
    Location: Socal, baby. I consider myself West Coast born & bred.
    Why you joined: someone kept bugging me to join, lol. I’m interested in pro-Asian spaces.
    Background: healthcare
    Interests: food, music, and the Asian community

  • Level 1 - Sergeant

    Username: GrandSeiko
    Location: San Jose, CA
    Why you joined: To find a place for Asians by Asians and away from the noise of Reddit. At the same time the Asians from Reddit seem to be the most passionate and aware on the Internet.
    Background: I’m a finance person “who just happens to” have a CS degree and hold a software engineering job.
    Interests: Finance, economics, global politics, science, music

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