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    I was wondering if any of you all have video blogs or host podcasts or know any other Asians who vlog about our issues.

    I just posted a new video about the case for Asian identitarianism,

    . It’s my perspective, but I think you all would find it interesting.

    Also, I did

    . It’s over an hour long, and there’s a lot of rambling because we didn’t have a full list of talking points picked out, but it might be something you can listen to in the background while you do something else.

    I was also wondering if anyone would like to join a Google hangout session that few of us from the aznidentity were planning to do. Asian identitarianism and cultural critique are the main topics we’ll likely cover.

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    @siberiandragon This is from my unorganized notes

    The key parts of soft power are:

    ● History - Who you are and what you’re about. This is the one area where Asians have been fucked over so hard by the West who simultaneously lies about itself
    ● quality of life
    ● style
    ● emotions
    ● pop culture
    ● slogans
    ● fun
    ● cool
    ● leadership - eg biggest economy, most innovative, highest grossing films,

    This is why entertainment is so important.

    Other Points:

    ● A nation’s men are crucial to getting respect. If the men are not respected, the nation is not respected. We are a race of men known for being cucks. Asians must end all forms of afwm. This includes 100% purges of any and all famous women with wm. They are just no longer employable. Asian idiots keep rewarding people who have made us look like shit like Jackie Chan, Gong Li [in at least one or more afwm films], end adoptions, end sexpats, esl, ads, everything.

    ● Focus on asserting our message while ignoring and / or ridiculing whites. That is the DEFAULT way to behave. It’s basically how whites behave towards…and they do it by lying. We can do this without lying at all.

    ● Promote pure Asians. No offense to hapas, but we cannot promote hapas for Asian causes. Promoting hapas only reinforces the idea that whites are superior. It is ultra stupid that Asians cherry pick good looking hapas which deludes people into thinking they are superior when beauty is rare for all groups.

    ● Focus more on style. We have the substance already but our style is often terrible.

    ● Exterminate the insane feminine styles like bowlcuts, perms, etc.

    ● The fastest way towards soft power would be exposing whites for their lies and crimes against humanity and then contrast against our vastly more benevolent behavior [yes, I know there are exceptions like Imperial Japan]…

    ● Hold all cultural soft power to ourselves. Give them nothing except Vatican pedophile documentaries.

    ● Subtitle your shit. Never let camera-unfriendly guys represent us [broken english, thick accent, nervous wreck]. It murders your message and soft power every time.

    ● People are attracted to attractive people who have charisma. Every time you associate Asian things with sexless old guys [eg Jackie Chan], you make us all less attractive and lower soft power. Worse of all, you raise the soft power for our foes. Sexless clowns like Jackie Chan are not our ambassador.

    ● Never trust white people. I get the sinking suspicion that lots of “advice” was given by whites to gullible Asians.

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    @secondstrike Thanks, those are good ideas. Definitely the concept of soft power is something worth going into. I made a video touching on it a while back, and it’s an important enough subject to warrant a more detailed analysis of what creates soft power and how Asians can utilize it to their advantage.

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    ● Identify the main problems for listeners
    ● Identify the main solutions
    ● Identify the main people to target your messages to. Parents, daughters, mental health services, Asian community groups, etc.
    ● List things that work and things that don’t work.
    ● Address the idea that no, white guys are not superior to Asian men. Lots of hideous and inferior white guys end up with Asian women far above their league. Meanwhile, decent and superior Asian men end up alone. This is not because whites are superior, but rather they’ve created a twilight zone where their value is highly inflated and Asian women are basically socially shamed into compliance while idiotic Asian men do next to nothing to stop it.

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    I like Eliot Chang and have mixed feelings about JT Tran. Some of the advice he gives is solid, but he’s definitely a sleezy PUA guy at times.

    I’m try to get a couple of guys from the subreddit together next week for a roundtable discussion about Asian identity issues and portrayal in the media. I’ll have to come with a few more topics that would be relevant to us, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I don’t follow video stuff because I read faster, but aside from EurasianWriter, I only know of the typical clowns like JustKiddingFilms’s TheFeels channel about dating, David So, and Off The Great Wall. None of which are very useful imo.

    Elliot Chang is good. He’s a comedian and actually provides useful life advice but then he also promotes JT Tran so it’s questionable.


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