Why do white people talk so god damn much?!

  • Idk if anyone else here experienced this but have you noticed white people tend to go on and on about their children, marriage, pets, friends, etc…to anybody and everybody, including absolute strangers??? I’ve run into this problem so many times that I’ve completely lost count of how often this has happened. And it doesn’t just happen to me, it happened to my family members and my husband as well. For example, a random white guy (let’s just call him Billy) was sitting next to my husband at a countertop table at a restaurant one day when he suddenly turned to him and showed him a photo of his dog.

    My husband: Oh, nice dog.
    Billy: Isn’t he? He’s a labrador mixed chihuahua. Adopted him from Kentucky and brought him all the way back here. He was 7 months old when I got him.
    Hubs: Oh, nice.
    Billy: My wife wasn’t too happy at first. She said this is already our 5th edition to the family. But I think she forgot that the other two dogs belong to our daughters [laughs]
    Hubs: Oh okay.
    Billy: My oldest daughter took the first dog away with her after she moved out with her boyfriend about several months ago. Heard the boyfriend didn’t like Max very much so now she has to keep him in her backyard.
    Hubs to waitress: Can I get the check?
    Billy: It was just like me and my wife when we first brought home Max. She didn’t like him either–said he was too rowdy. He caused some problems between me and her. Lots of arguments.
    Hubs: Wow, sorry to hear that. Anyways, I gotta g–
    Billy: We went to find a trainer afterwards for good ol’ Max. We also went to find a marriage counselor [chuckles]. I had to find a way to put an end to her blaming me for everything. It was like my grandparents’ relationship. As a matter of fact, my grandfather once told me…

    LIKE SERIOUSLY, why do they go on and on and on and on and on endlessly to complete strangers? Don’t they have any sense of privacy whatsoever? I can understand opening up about your personal life to friends or even acquaintances you come across often but to people you only met 30 secs ago? That’s ridiculous. Have anyone else here experienced this? And if so, any idea as to why they seem to talk so damn much? I’ve met people of all races throughout my lifetime but it is ALWAYS white people who seem to be like this.

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    You can simply reply you got your german sheperd put to sleep cause of rabbis, end of the topic.

    I wouldn’t do that because then they would go on for hours about their thoughts on euthanasia, animal rights, and whatnot and…


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    @natalie_ng Exactly. White millennials are the overentitled crybully generation. Terrible parenting by delusional babyboomers is to blame.

  • @siberiandragon Yes, I think that’s what it is, “special snowflake syndrome.” I wonder if it’s because of how their parents raised them? You know how white parents always tell their kids that they’re perfect princes and princesses and that they can be everything they ever dream of (essentially raising self-centered, conceited little brats)? So they grow up with the idea that everyone views them the same way their family does and therefore, everyone must love them and their stories?

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    @natalie_ng I agree. Many white people have a special snowflake syndrome. They’re so self-important and think their life story is the most interesting thing in the world when it couldn’t be any more boring.

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    @natalie_ng That’s true. I think practice makes perfect though, but I agree with you. They are annoying.

  • @secondstrike What you consider to be good at socializing, I consider rude and inconsiderate. Not everyone wants to listen to their life stories and certainly not people who are in a hurry to leave.

    And I noticed it’s not just Asians who don’t care to tell the world about their private lives or talk about useless information, but random blacks and Hispanics have never pulled me to the side and talked to me about useless crap for half an hour. Tbh, I don’t know if I would even consider whites to be better at socializing just because they’re chatterboxes. If they truly are good at socializing, everyone (including myself) would actually enjoy listening to them, not running away from them.

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    @natalie_ng I think there are pros and cons to this. Pros are that they are indeed better at socializing in my experience, but that could be because Asians suffer so much micro-aggression that they clam up. Asians from Asia before tend to be more confident in themselves. I think it’s good to practice conversation skills especially with strangers. There’s nothing to lose except time and sanity.


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