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    @natalie_ng Exactly. Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey are the epitome of white male sexuality in how they project their sick degeneracy onto others. All the sickest sexual paraphilias and homoerotic fetishes are the products of neurotic white male deviancy.

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    hahaha I love this scene.



  • @secondstrike That’s why I’ve been telling everyone that they’re closet homos. The naked male statues/art in Europe and the fact that they’re so fascinated with other men’s genitals confirms it. It’s even more apparent in their pornography. Whereas normal men (take the Japanese for example) prefer to focus completely on the women, western men prefer their male porn actors to have larger than average genitals because they get turned on looking at other men’s genitals. That’s the only reason I could think of as to why male privates matter so much in western porn.

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    What happens when rugged white men can’t hold back their inner desires? Interesting that there aren’t any Asians on this list when I skimmed.

    Meditate on this list the next time some “hard bro” from Western nations calls you gay, boasts about tea bagging their drunk friends, or ends sentences with no homo…

    It’s best viewed by downloading the image and then zooming in because it’s so large.


  • OMG LMAO!!! That poor architect probably thought he was designing a cool, unique tower only to see his work completed in real life before he thought to himself, “Wait…”

  • how… phallic.


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