Wallace, Ruby to tie the knot this month

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    Wallace, Ruby to tie the knot this month


    TAIPEI • After dating for six months and less than two months after announcing their romance, television stars Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo confirmed yesterday that they will wed in Bali on July 31, said Apple Daily.

    Huo gave the confirmation after Lin’s co-stars from her 2014 drama The Way We Were, including Tiffany Hsu, said they had received invitations to the low-key wedding, which will be for parents, relatives and a few friends, reported the newspaper.

    He said through his company’s Weibo account: “Today I received a lot of friends’ queries. Yes, Ruby and I are getting married. Thank you for your concern.”

    Her company also gave a confirmation on Weibo, said the report.


  • I got no doors opened for me. Nothing like that. In the beginning he brought small gifts, coffee ect. But he felt the gestures werent reciprocated so he stopped.

  • said in Wallace, Ruby to tie the knot this month:


    Why do people think it’s alright to embarrass the princes. They are always making them to do silly things like dancing with inappropriately dressed girls

  • They’re such a pretty couple! Hope they’ll have a happy, everlasting marriage.

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