'Fresh Off the Boat' offers a fresh take of Chinese-American families in the US; Constance Wu as Mrs. Huang

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    ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ offers a fresh take of Chinese-American families in the US; Constance Wu as Mrs. Huang


    “Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 just wrapped up and gained praises for its refreshing take on how families of Chinese-Americans live in the United States. It stars Randall Park and Constance Wu as Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Jessica Huang, who are parents to three Chinese-American siblings.

    The ABC comedy series is loosely based on the memoirs of Eddie Huang, a Chinese-American standup comedian, chef and lawyer. It is credited as the first sitcom on television to star an Asian-American family since “All American Girl” on ABC in 1994. It has a potential for increased visibility and is receiving acclaim for the performance of Wu, who tries to balance various race perspectives and portray them on TV, China Christian Daily reported.

    “Fresh Off the Boat” receives different reactions as some fans want it to deal with race issues. However, another group opt non-race issues - just the normal ones like cooking or puberty.

    For the celebration of Mother’s Day in May, Wu’s character has been considered among the best mothers on TV. As a typical Chinese wife to husband Louis and mother to Eddie, Emery and Evan, she is devoted to raise her boys to be good Chinese men, grooming them to become lawyers or doctors who will make a good living, ABC reported.

    Wu’s character wants his three sons to love and honor their parents as well as their heritage. Doing just that in Orlando is not easy but she makes sure her kids know where they come from. When Eddie was assigned to be Mr. Jamaica in a school project, she went to the principal’s office and demanded that her son represents China instead.

    The doting mother is hands-on when it comes to her children. From dealing with lice on Eddie’s head and acting as Santa Claus during Christmas to directing a school play for her boys and ensuring that Evan goes to her friend’s birthday party even if uninvited.

    Meanwhile, the Taiwanese-American actress Wu will also appear in other upcoming projects like the science fiction anthology series “Dimension 404” on streaming service Hulu. The series also has Lea Michele, Robert Buckley, Joel McHale, Patton Oswalt and Sarah Hyland. Wu plays Jane, a military psychologist who cancels her Christmas vacation with her family to help stop a terrorist attack.

    Watch how Mrs. Huang explained Chinese Santa Claus to his son below.


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