Jung Il Woo to be the first Korean actor to take a leading role in a Thai drama

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    Jung Il Woo to be the first Korean actor to take a leading role in a Thai drama


    Jung Il Woo became the first Korean actor to snag a leading role in a Thai drama!

    He’s starring in ‘Love and Lies’ along with Thai actress Mild Wiraporn, Korean-American actor David McInnis, and Thai singer Leo Put. The drama is invested in by CP Group and will air on Thai’s True4U.

    Over 50 media outlets came to see Jung Il Woo at the press conference. The drama is about a man and a woman who protect their families no matter what happens. Jung Il Woo will play the male lead Tim, a cold city boy who becomes hot and passionate for love.


  • @bugoutfever Agree. The buzz cut at least makes them look a lot less feminine than the bowl cut.

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    @natalie_ng I never understood the bowl cut. Even if the claim is about ease, what a bout a buzz cut? That is even simpler, easier, and at least is associated with the military…

  • I have a Taiwanese friend who lives and works in Japan but travels all over Asia and he told me once that the Thais idolize and admire Northeast Asians a lot. Before it used to mainly be the Japanese and Chinese but now they extend the same courtesy to Koreans after the Hallyu Wave. I suspect that’s probably why they’re casting a Korean actor to be the main in a Thai drama.

    He didn’t tell me about other SEA countries but I think many people in SEA as a whole look up to NEA, not just the Thais.

    Anyways, about Jung II Woo–he definitely has an amazingly gorgeous face. Just wish he would get rid of that bowl cut and keep this hairstyle instead:


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