UNIQ's Wenhan chosen as the main MC for Chinese sports variety program!

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    UNIQ’s Wenhan chosen as the main MC for Chinese sports variety program!


    UNIQ’s Wenhan has been confirmed as one of the main MCs for a Chinese sports variety program.

    Wenhan will be MC-ing right alongside Jay Chou, Kim Jong Kook, and NBA star Kobe Bryant! What a great honor, right?

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    The program, which will air on Shanghai Dragon Television, is a reality program following the basketball competition among Chinese, American, and Korean stars. After being confirmed as the MC for the show, it was reported that Wenhan actively participated in meetings with the production crew and excitedly suggested a whole slew of ideas.

    UNIQ’s agency Yuehua Entertainment relayed, “Wenhan is known as a basketball enthusiast who really loves the sport and is very skilled at it. The interest within China [for the new show] is at a peak thanks to Asia’s biggest stars Jay Chou and Kim Jong Kook also appearing on the show, so please look forward to a whole new side of Wenhan as he crosses the boundaries of dramas and movies to venture into variety program MC-ing.”

    You can catch this new sports competition program when it starts airing this fall!


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