Eliza Sam Worried Boyfriend Will Attract Other Girls if He Joins Mr. Hong Kong 2016

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    Eliza Sam Worried Boyfriend Will Attract Other Girls if He Joins Mr. Hong Kong 2016


    Chinese Canadian Hong Kong-based actress Eliza Sam has admitted that she is worried about the other girls who will be looking at her boyfriend if she encourages him to join the upcoming Mr. Hong Kong 2016.

    At a press conference held by TVB on June 7, Eliza was asked by the media if there is any chance she would encourage her boyfriend Keung to join the Mr. Hong Kong pageant. At the time, the 31-year old actress was ecstatic and immediately said yes, especially when asked if he meets the requirements. However, she said that she would have to check if he has the time.

    However, it appears that the Special Female Force actress had a change of heart. At a promotional radio station visit for her new TVB program My Handy Man recently, she was discussing how she is currently helping with the Mr. Hong Kong recruitment and expressed her worries regarding letting her boyfriend join the pageant.

    “Originally, I intend to ask my boyfriend to take part,” Eliza explained. “But I worry that many girls will look at him.”

    As a result, she has decided to recruit her sibling instead. “Thus, I asked my brother to take part as he is big and has a fit body figure too. He can sign up in Canada too and I might win a referral reward as a result,” she said.

    It is still unclear whether or not Eliza’s brother has agreed to participate in this year’s Mr. Hong Kong pageant.


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