Fun -- Eddie Works for DMX - Fresh Off The Boat

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    Published on Nov 30, 2015
    Eddie learns that when it comes to his household, rap superstar DMX runs a tight ship. Watch a scene from Fresh Off The Boat - Season 2, Episode 9: “We Done Son.”

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    @bugoutfever said:

    How come the best and brightest in Asia go to the West, while the untalented, unqualified, undesirable from the West not only find acceptance in Asia, but are actively sought?

    Well put, it makes no sense. Worse than that is that geniuses like Tsien Hsue-shen are treated like crap despite (violence, vicious stereotypes, being accused of spying, have their careers destroyed, have dating/marriage problems due to racism) being invaluable.


    Same with these other Asian scientists.


    Meanwhile, many actual white drop outs enjoy the red carpet treatment in China for being white.

    It’s a complete inversion of justice.

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