Korean Americans Explore Faith and Ethnic Identity in Parental Relationships Through Writing and Arts Contest

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    Korean Americans Explore Faith and Ethnic Identity in Parental Relationships Through Writing and Arts Contest


    Hyo Sarang Mission, which has focused on challenging children, teens, and young adults to integrate their faith with their Korean American identity, held its annual writing and arts competition during the month of May, and the awards ceremony took place on June 11 at Fullerton Presbyterian Church. 70 award recipients attended.

    Coming in first place for the writing contest was Yewon Park (12th grade), and for the arts contest, Leah Kim (sophomore in college) took first place. Both received laptops as their prize.

    State Assemblywoman Young Kim attended the ceremony again this year to encourage and award the winners.

    “The biblical perspective of taking care of one’s parents is one with faith at the center,” said Young Chan Kim of Hyo Sarang Mission. “We hope to pass on to our younger generation — who currently live in a world in which the future seems very uncertain — the right spiritual inheritance.”

    This year’s competition’s theme was, ‘What have I received from my parents?’ and prodded the competitors to reflect on the role that their faith and their Korean American identities play into the way they interact with and love on their parents.

    Meanwhile, a children’s choir had a special performance during the ceremony, and two students received community service awards from Assemblywoman Young Kim.

    This article has been translated. For the original in Korean, visit kr.christianitydaily.com.


    What do you think about Asians finding cultural compatibility with religions like Christianity?

  • @secondstrike I looked through one of the links you posted and I just had to LOL at some of these lines, especially these:

    he lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. Ezekiel 23:20 NIV

    If Shakespeare were to write porno.

    When men fight with one another, and the wife of the one draws near to rescue her husband from the hand of him who is beating him, and puts out her hand and seizes him by the private parts, then you shall cut off her hand. Deuteronomy 25:11-12

    Tips on how a man can defend himself when a woman grabs his genitals.

    Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. 2 Kings 2:23-25 NIV

    42 boys got eaten alive because they called someone “baldy.” Totally much deserved! How dare they mention the lack of hair on someone’s head!

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    What do you think about Asians finding cultural compatibility with religions like Christianity?

    It really annoys me. We are not compatible. Westerners love cherry picking parts of the agreeable bits of their religion to pretend that we are compatible. I cite a few here of the incompatibilities here.

    1. God’s temper tantrums. Modern Christians may talk about God as a loving father, or even a Jesus buddy, the kind you’d want to play golf with, but in reality Bible-God goes out of his way to be intimidating. Worse, he appears to lose control of his temper at times, lashing out like an oversized thwarted three-year-old; and his earthly representatives—including Jesus—do the same.
    1. Times when the Bible God is worse than Satan. In the Bible, Satan is described as a roaring lion who prowls the earth, seeking whom he may devour. But if you actually read the stories, Satan doesn’t do much other than to tempt people into disobeying the dictates of Yahweh, who acts like a heavenly dictator with borderline personality disorder. God, by contrast, professes his undying love, kindness and mercy, but then commands his minions to commit brutal atrocities when he isn’t up for it himself. Some of the stories are so bad even Hollywood, with its passion for glorious biblical sex and violence, won’t touch them, especially the plentiful Bible stories about sexual slavery and human sacrifice.
    1. Instructions for slave masters. The reality is that the Bible says much more in support of slavery than against it. Even the New Testament Jesus never says owning people is wrong. Instead, the Bible gives explicit instructions to masters and slaves. Awkward.


    How can I take their lofty speeches seriously?

    I just want to show them…

    But let us go back to that European ‘social system’ – the holy cow of the great majority of North America’s left:

    That famed ‘social system’ it is built on the enslavement of colonized peoples; it is built on the unimaginable horrors visited on those hundreds of millions of men, women and children, who were slaughtered mercilessly by the colonial European powers. It is built through oppression, terror, and almost exclusively, on theft and plunder.

    To admire it, is like admiring some brutal thuggish oligarch, who has amassed huge wealth by extortion and open plunder, built a gigantic palace and provided his family or his village with free medical care, education, some theatres, libraries and parks.

    European colonialists ‘opened the veins’ of Latin America. They stole everything they could lay their hands on; in what is now Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and so many other places in Latin America.

    They murdered everybody, unlike the US neo colonialists, but 100% of the people, as happened during the French reign of places like Grenada or (near 100%) in the Polynesian Easter Islands.

    Europe committed slaughters that are unimaginable in today’s times, like those by the Belgian king, Leopold II, who was responsible for around 10 million lost lives in Congo




    (I realize they aren’t the same, but they’re close enough)

    UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal

    The Vatican faced blistering criticism from a United Nations committee Thursday over allegations it protected pedophile priests at the expense of victims in what constituted a worldwide sex abuse scandal.

    UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal - World News:



    By what right or justice do you keep these Indians in such a cruel and horrible servitude - On what authority have you waged a detestable war against the people who dwelt quietly and peacefully on their own land - … Why do you keep them so oppressed and weary - … And what care do you take that they should be instructed in religion - … Are these not men - Have they not rational souls - Are you not bound to love them as you love yourselves -
    G M Bediako, citing L Hanke, The Spanish Struggle for justice in the Conquest of America ,

    Far from condemning Spain, English propagandists looked on Spain as their colonial model and presented the “Indians” as liars and deceivers needing firm treatment as a preparation for Christianization.
    Loren F Pennington, The Amerindians in English Promotional Literature, 1575 1625

    Christianity, Colonialism, Imperialism, and the West:

    I know people often defend these acts as “bad apples” that shouldn’t tarnish Christianity/Catholicism yet why don’t we see such bad apples (that invaded every non-white group on the planet) by China?


    I also want to ask them some inconvenient questions such as where was Jesus to stop Western imperialism and save his Asian and other non-white “children”? Where is Jesus now to save Africans (again, from white “Christians” who are exploiting them)?

    at present again, EU companies are responsible, together with US companies, of course, for another bloodletting of near to 10 million Congolese people (in DRC); simply because that unfortunate country is very rich in strategic minerals like Coltan and uranium




    There is way too much inconsistency and hypocrisy from the Westerners who preach this. Believing the lies of hypocritical liars is not healthy.

  • @bugoutfever Honestly, I wouldn’t know, I never ask them about it.

    I do personally know some VERY devout Catholic Vietnamese who look down on me because I’m Buddhist and therefore, not “westernized” enough for them and they would rather hang out with other Catholic Viets than hang out with Buddhist Viets. So I guess for some Christian Asians, depending on how devout they are, religion might affect who they want/don’t want to associate with.

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    @natalie_ng Have you ever noticed any conflicts between religion and culture for Chinese? Honestly, most of the Chinese Christians I know are like any other young Christian…not super Christian. So for whatever that is worth, I’ve never seen any real conflict. Actually unless someone asks or they tell you, you don’t know they are Christian. Their Chinese identity definitely plays a bigger role in their day to day.

  • That’s interesting that they were able to tie their Christian religion into their culture. I don’t know much about the bible but I’m guessing they can find lines in it that they can culturally relate to.

    Personally, I’m Zen Buddhist (my entire family is Zen Buddhist) and since Zen Buddhism has a lot of Taoist and Confucianist influences, it’s super easy for me to tie my religion in with my culture.

    I think it would be difficult to relate a non-Asian religion like Christianity to Asian cultures but I suppose it’s not entirely impossible. The bible looks like a very long book so there are probably lines and passages that Asian Christians can relate to.

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