pro Asian media - South Asian ultra genius, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google at 43

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    Thanks to Arcterex for bringing this to my attention…

    Americans love to brag about their “ingenuity”, yet a massive chunk of it is due to history’s largest global brain drain. Currently, it’s done by attracting the world’s sharpest minds via the H1B Visa or as Dr. Michio Kaku calls it, the ‘genius visa’. That’s part of why there’s a big Asian “model minority”. The other part is their strong work ethic. American ingrates “pay us back” with racist stereotypes eg no creativity, no leadership, and stealing jobs from more “deserving Americans”. Here’s a great example below.

    Sundar Pichai is 43. He moved to the US at about 22. In less than 20 years, not even speaking English as his first language- he leapfrogged every self-professed white genius at Google. He makes $100M a year now.

    When I see videos like this I am angry that we’re being used and abused in such a manner. The situation would not even be possible without Western imperialism enriching themselves at our destruction in the first place. At the same time, I am extremely optimistic because a shift in the Asian consciousness can free us from being coolies 2.0 to form our OWN industry giants for OUR benefit as it should be. I see no reason to worship whites or slave away for their benefit.

  • In some ways, you gotta love America too. This guy does not have the bearing of a CEO, talks with an accent etc. – and is yet still considered for one of the top executive positions in the country. It’s not all of America, that’s for sure. Parts of Silicon Valley and the tech industry are very meritocratic and less superficially focused on “traditional” appearance and style - which favors the standard white male CEO profile. In that environment, Asians have better opportunities.

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