Father's day coming up - what are your plans?

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    I’ll be taking my father and the rest of the family to eat Chinese food. It’s boring but he’s a simple guy, who doesn’t like fancy things.

    Check out this sweet story from ChinaTV

    A young man has made nearly 100 picture books for his boy over the past 4 years. He started with easy pictures, then tried to brainstorm his own stories and worked out paintings by hand or on computer.


    What were some of your most memorable experiences with your father?

    When I was a kid, my father got me a toy gun and then adapted a straw to increase its accuracy. I then accidentally shot him in the eye (he’s ok tho). He was not happy.

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    Well, my dad lives out of the country so I’ll probably just call him to say hello.

    I did come across this today, and it was great to see some AM being shown as good fathers to both a boy and a girl.

    Shout out to all the good fathers out there!

  • Nice. As to the straw to the eye, no good deed goes unpunished. It’s funny what we remember. For some reason, we tend to remember stories where we injured our parents by accident- I remember quite a few myself. Lord knows why we remember it :), but we do.

    Natalie- those are great stories. Often just spending time with our parents is all they ask for.

    On father’s day, i’ll have dinner with my mom and brother. My father passed away but he’s very much in my memory.

  • You should take your dad out for dim sum!!! Dim sum is the best; my family and I can never get sick of it.

    Awwwwww that dad in the video is so sweet! And talented too.

    Unfortunately, my dad lives all the way back in California and I’m in South Carolina because of my husband’s job :( I’ll probably end up buying him something off of the internet and have it sent to him.

    My most memorable experiences with my dad? Probably when we visited Universal Studios in LA together. It was just me and him because my mom had to take care of her sick mom so she couldn’t make it and my brother was too small to go at the time.

    Now, unlike many kids my age at the time, I was mostly deathly afraid of rides. I think it was because I had something of a traumatic experience when I was younger at Disneyland, so I avoided most rides since then.

    My dad, on the other hand, LOVES rides. I remembered how excited and enthusiastic he was to try and catch every ride there was at the park. Me? I was trembling, lol…at first. It was bad enough that he wanted to go on every single ride, but he also wanted the front seats! I pleaded to him no but he said, “It’ll be fun!” So I went with him anyways, thinking I was probably going to die. But halfway through the first ride, I actually started liking it and thinking it wasn’t so bad. We went on more rides after that but as half of the day passed away, I really started having fun and I had to thank my dad and his enthusiasm for getting me to get over my fear of amusement park rides.

    Another memory, which I thought was kind of funny was during college when I lived with my parents to save money and went to a college nearby. My parents always asked me (every time my dad didn’t have to go to work) to watch a movie with them or go out to eat with them, but I was always busy studying for midterms or working on some paper.

    One night my dad came in to say he got a movie that I’ve been wanting to see. I looked up from my book and told him I had a midterm coming up that week and I can’t afford to lose a night of studying.

    Then he snapped, “You’re always studying! Why don’t you take a break for once?!”

    My mom added, “We miss watching movies with you…”

    I stared at both of them and I just had to burst out laughing, “You’re supposed to be Asian and be forcing me to study, not discourage me from studying!” Out of amusement (and pleasant surprise that they wanted to spend time with me), I put my book down and joined them.

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