pro Asian news -- Can Patrick Soon-Shiong, The World's Richest Doctor, Fix Health Care?

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    Interesting fellow with a defiant streak who became wealthy by introducing an improved cancer fighting drug.


    Soon-Shiong is accustomed to doubters, as the son of Chinese immigrants in apartheid-era South Africa. He graduated high school at 16 and medical school at 22. His first patient, an Afrikaner, refused to be touched by him, but after Soon-Shiong drained his infected sinus, he told everyone, “That Chinaman. Make sure you get him to examine you.”

    Soon-Shiong left South Africa in the late 1970s and arrived at UCLA in 1980. Stephen Nimer, a hematologist who would later serve on the board of directors for one of Soon-Shiong’s companies, remembers him as an “unbelievable surgeon” who was always willing to take on the most difficult cases. “It’s in his blood to help people,” Nimer says.

    So is a deep streak of P.T. Barnum showmanship–and a talent for pissing off investors and colleagues alike. As a surgeon at UCLA he grabbed headlines transplanting insulin cells into a diabetic. The president of the American Diabetes Association called it “inappropriate hype,” saying it was “far too early to view this as a cure or even a therapy.”

    Can Patrick Soon-Shiong, The World’s Richest Doctor, Fix Health Care?

    Any doctors/aspiring doctors here want to weigh in on this man?

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